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The Asian Headquarters of the World Martial Arts Council are presently located in the Philippines due to the central location of this country that comprises of some 7,107 islands with a land area of 299,000 square kilometres, and a population of around 84.61 million.  The major cities of Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, Laos and China can all be reached by air from the capital Manila within four hours, and the countries of Japan and Korea are also easily accessible.  The Philippines is an archipelago situated between the Philippine and South China Seas with a diversity of more than 100 cultural groups, the vast majority of which are descendants of Malays and Chinese, whose second language is English. 

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WorldMAC Bamboo Village

A substantial amount of land has been made available in the Northern Province of Pangasinan, which is known as the ‘Home of Hundred Islands’ and situated on the South China Sea within a National Heritage Park.  Working with its affiliates the World Martial Arts Council is now in the process of establishing the first Asian WorldMAC Bamboo Village that will provide training in all martial arts with top instructors from the region, incorporate international youth exchange programmes, residential training courses for all ages, and undertake an active role in the organization of international martial arts competitions and cultural events.  All those registered with one of the three sections of the World Martial Arts Council will be eligible to visit this site when completed, and those selected for WorldMAC National Teams will be sponsored to attend advanced training courses at this venue.

*Full updates and progress reports will be given at regular intervals in this section.



Thirty-two billion pesos have been released from several government agencies responsible for post-disaster relief and reconstruction programmes in affected communities.


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