The Battle of Britain is an annual open event involving the major martial art disciplines. The primary objective is to establish true champions in all participating systems, and this event offers individuals the opportunity to compete regardless of age, size, gender or grade in the martial art, style or system they represent.  The concept of mixed martial arts competitions originated in 1996 with all events taking place at the same time in one arena, and proved very successful.  The annual Battle of Britain includes championship titles for all participating martial arts, including categories for individual kata, patterns, forms and weapons.  Such an event requires the participation of all major martial arts groups that have within their ranks not only exceptionally talented competitors but also unbiased referees, judges, and officials willing to take an active role in the tournament. 

The martial arts competition circuit has deteriorated dramatically over recent years, not only in numbers, but also in standards.  Whilst there are still some professionally managed tournaments taking place, the majority of these relate to specific groups and entry is limited due to the restricted number of martial arts included at these events. Most of the major martial arts competitions now take place overseas and many competent, highly skilled martial arts practitioners rarely get the chance to compete due to the high cost of entries, travel and accommodation.  Tournaments at which national or international championship titles are awarded only to competitors from the same areas that host the events bring the concept of real champions into question.  It is the intention that all Battle of Britain Championship Titles are only awarded to those that have competed against the very best in their field.


The Battle of Britain event will take place every year and the organisers would like to hear from groups participating in competitions involving any martial art.  These must be prepared to provide qualified officials and competitors of a very high standard for this annual event, which will hopefully be televised, become the most prestigious tournament on the martial arts calendar, and provide accredited championship titles.  This is an opportunity for every martial arts body to unite, promote their system, and compete against the very best.   

*Confirm interest now at and enlist to fight for the Campaign Service Medals

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