WorldMAC Foundation

Whilst the WorldMAC Foundation is the charitable section of the organization it is not a registered charity, and was established  to support and sponsor those selected to represent the WorldMAC Alliance at events patronised by the World Martial Arts Council.  Financial assistance and advice may be provided for academic scholarships, advanced training, and for programmes designed to develop the technical knowledge, skills, and competence of martial artists, coaches, and administrators.  Such programmes include education, physical recreation, occupational training, and youth exchanges that encourage participation in the martial arts.  In addition, it will assist, where possible, with the acquisition of land and buildings in order to establish Centres of Excellence, and to promote cultural harmony.  The WorldMAC Foundation will also support selected charities. 

Before donating money to charities think about the annual salaries these pay to their Chief Executive Officers (CEOs).

*In addition to these salaries there are larger administration costs, so how much actually goes where it is supposed to go?        

Putting Religion Aside - A Magnificent Song For All WorldMAC Foundation Members 


​Anne Armstrong, Chairperson of WorldMAC UK, collects annual donations and presents for the Salvation Army to distribute to families in need at Christmas. 

Myanmar Atrocities

Myanmar has a Buddhist majority, and a Muslim minority that are descendants of Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh, the Yunnan province of China, and Arab settlers that intermarried with local races. The Burmese government has denied citizenship to these people who cannot prove their ancestors settled in the country before 1823, the beginning of British occupation of what is now Rakhine State, also known as Arakan. In late 2016, Myanmar military forces and Buddhist extremists started a major crackdown on the Rohingya people in the country's western region in response to attacks on border police camps by unidentified insurgents. This resulted in wide-scale human rights violations including extra-judicial killings, gang rapes, arson, and other brutalities, which drew criticism from the United Nations, Amnesty International, US Department of State, and the Government of Malaysia.




These Muslims are amongst the most persecuted minority group in the world, and have continued to suffer from human rights violations under the Burmese junta since 1978, and many fled to Bangladesh as a result. They have lived in Myanmar for centuries but tensions with Myanmar's Buddhist majority have caused discrimination and harassment. Cases of rape, torture, arbitrary detention, and violence against Rohingya people have been commonplace, with many incidents unreported. Tensions increased in 2012 when three Rohingya Muslim men were convicted of raping a local Rakhine Buddhist woman, and led to Rakhine State riots. There were over one million Rohingya Muslims living in Myanmar but systemic oppression has led to an increase in migrations. In early 2015 around 25,000 asylum-seekers, consisting of Rohingyas and Bangladeshis sought refuge in other countries that included Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, but are often not recognized or protected as refugees, and as a result live in extreme poverty, have to resort to illegal employment, and are vulnerable to exploitation.

The Rohingya that are allowed to remain in Myanmar are considered 'resident foreigners' and not citizens. They are not allowed to travel without official permission and were previously required to sign a commitment not to have more than two children, though this law was not strictly enforced. Many Rohingya children cannot have their birth registered, thus rendering them stateless from the moment they are born. In 1995, the Government of Myanmar responded to UNHCR pressure by issuing basic identification cards, which do not mention the place of birth, and without proper identification and documents, the Rohingya people are officially stateless with no state protection. Their movements are severely restricted, and as a result are forced to live in squalid camps and slums.

Global Human Atrocities 









Across the globe despicable acts against human beings perpetrated and conducted by other humans continue. Murder in the name of ethnic cleansing, killings to obtain body parts for resale, rape, human trafficking, underage and forced marriages, and the abuse of women and children continue to go unpunished.

These atrocities persist and the world does nothing!

Action Against Exploitation

India is a unique and unparalleled diversity of religions, languages and cultures that form a vast sub-continent rich in heritage with a varied and complex society.  History has nourished the growth of a great civilization vitalized through cross-cultural contact, and characterized by the unity of culture, race, caste, religion and language.  The Indian tradition unites the diverse cultural regions in which there are innumerable sects and local traditions characterized by localism, a fragmentation not simply of cultural-linguistic regions, but of over 600,000 villages that have continued to function as autonomous republics throughout the centuries.  India is now a major industrial power experiencing rapid urban growth and rural-urban migration, and is a nation undergoing significant political, economic, and social change, whilst at the same time struggling to maintain many of its traditions and customs. Today this vast country contains one sixth of the world’s population, and is emerging as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, where the urban population is now exposed to massive change in lifestyle, consumption habits and cultural conditioning responsible for doubts and chaos among its young population with ever growing aspirations.  

Whilst there is a very great passion for martial arts across this sub-continent, unfortunately these have become a breeding ground for fraudulent practices in which people with little or no training are claiming to be highly graded exponents, and are exploiting vulnerable and naïve students that have no knowledge regarding martial arts ethics or the requirements necessary to be accredited instructors.  As a result, the standards of martial arts students leave much to be desired, and the World Martial Arts Council has established an accreditation system to eliminate fraudulent practices and false instructors with fake credentials and titles.  It is the aim of the World Martial Arts Council to enrich martial arts practice, introduce these subjects into schools, colleges and universities, and to provide free courses given by internationally acclaimed instructors that lead to recognized and accredited martial arts qualifications.  The days of the bogus instructors that have discredited martial arts practice for too long are now numbered, and the World Martial Arts Council will eliminate all corrupt and fraudulent people claiming to be martial arts experts that have never had any form of tuition, and are mainly uneducated opportunists that use the martial arts to extract money from younger generations.  This is fraud on a massive scale and working with the national sports authorities exposure and criminal prosecutions will be implemented.               

Violence against women has become a prominent topic of discussion in India in recent years, where politicians and the media have placed great focus on the issue due to increasing trends.  Crimes against women are committed every three minutes and these include disputes over dowries, honour killings, accusations of witchcraft that often result in murder in rural areas, female infanticide, female foeticide, rapes that occur every 29 minutes, human trafficking, forced prostitution, domestic violence, forced and child marriages, acid attacks, abductions and kidnappings. 

​Global Abuse of Women    

WMAC registered Asian groups are providing free martial arts classes for females in countries with a known record of rape and abuse of women.


However, much more needs to be done to eradicate these crimes, and the WorldMAC Foundation is now raising funds to provide online education, and the empowerment of women through social welfare programmes in schools, colleges and universities.  

There are also many orphaned children throughout the world and the WorldMAC Foundation works to provide safe centres, food, clothing, medical treatment and education for those with no families.  Any organisation involved in this work is welcome to become part of, and work with, the WorldMAC Foundation. 

Children's Day Celebrations


Following the success of the Youth Games held in Lahore during 2014 in which four million people participated, Pakistan was selected by the World Martial Arts Council to host the WorldMAC Games.  However, whilst the nation is passionate about martial arts, these do not receive any form of funding, and during a recent meeting with the President of the World Martial Arts Council, the Punjab Sports Board stated if Pakistan was to succeed at international level it needed world class instructors to train its national teams over the next two years, and the World Martial Arts Council has agreed to provide these.    

The WorldMAC Foundation will raise awareness of many humanitarian problems through education programmes in schools and communities, spearheaded by its partners in Pakistan that are actively involved in combatting the ongoing abuse of basic human rights and dignity.  The Pride of Pakistan Campaign will raise funds through donations, no matter how small, and charitable functions that will ensure the above issues will eventually be eradicated and that national teams are fully prepared for international competition.  The opportunity to host and stage the WorldMAC Games is a great honour for any country, and an event in which all Pakistani communities across the globe can participate.

WorldMAC Foundation Charity Dinner


 Pride of Pakistan Documentry

Help Pakistan become a proud nation, a world leader in the promotion of sport, and in combatting the abuse of basic human rights.  

WorldMAC Pakistan

WMAC Welfare Foundation

Punjab Peace Council

Meeting Reporters

Pakistan Education Park Project

Punjab Sports Special Education Department

Punjab Cycling Team

Rotary Meeting

Free Youth Education

A. B. Institute English Examination

The A.B. Institute was conceived by Saba Bhatti, whilst still a student herself, to provide free education to the youth of Sukkur in Pakistan that cannot afford tuition fees. This very commendable project provides students with the opportunity to have a better chance of employment in their chosen fields, and is fully supported by the WMAC Welfare Foundation, a branch of the global WorldMAC Foundation.  

A.B. Institute Awards Ceremony

A. B. Institute Results Ceremony

Results Ceremony Celebrations

Children of the World Charity Dinner

The Children of the World project concerns young children that work on the streets of major cities in Pakistan. These vulnerable children are not educated and are often the subjects of human trafficking, abuse and child prostitution.  The WorldMAC Foundation works with leading charities to remove these young children from the streets, provide safe accommodation, and to build schools.

UK Asylum Seekers Charity Dinner 

A Hungry World



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