WorldMAC Events

Swedish Taekwondo Cup & Swedish Kickboxing Championships Stockholm SWEDEN 2018

The World Martial Arts Council U.K. Squad did absolutely outstanding over the 4 days of the championships in Stockholm, Sweden.

Kickboxing section, the Team had 19 of our 28 students Compete, U.K. came home with 7 Gold, 9 Silver and 3 Bronze medals. 16 of our 19 students made it into the finals of the KICKBOXING CHAMPS and they had to compete against countries from Sweden, Switzerland, Algeria, Greece, Italy to name a few.

The Taekwondo Cup was just as amazing for the team. With each student competing in either Poomsae Solo, Pair or Team Forms aswell as the Sparring Section of the Championships. Out of 28 Competitors we came home with 22 Gold Medal's yes 22..... a number of silver and bronze medals to add. To top it all we one club of the championships beating over 10 countries in this years competition.

Outstanding Championships, Outstanding Team, Oustanding weekend.

I'm proud of each and every student that competed. WorldMac has many talented young students in the U.K. Squad and we all look forward to another successful 2019 year as we head to Turkey in April and our U.K. Championships then back to Sweden in November 2019.

Onwards and upwards and they say.

Mrs Anne Armstrong





It gives me great pleasure in announcing that the WUKF World United Karate Do Federation of India will be hosting the WORLD CUP 2018 KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS org, BY...WORLD KYOKUSHIN KARATE FEDERATION in Association with the SPORTS KARATE ASSOCIATION INDIA.

Also Mrs Armstrong has been invited to attend as a VIP GUEST as the President of WMAC and appointed the new Vice-Chairman of WUKF. I will be travelling in December to honour such a great man and keep his legacy going. Many thanks my friend Bodh Narayan Yadav. Look foward to seeing you at the end of

December my friend and thank you for this great respect and honour to Dear Alan Foster.......


Anne Armstrong







Anne Armstrong



The Kaminari Taiko Drummers

The Kaminari Taiko Drummers are available for martial arts competitions and all festivals in the United Kingdom. Click link below to view video performance

 Kaminari UK Taiko Drummers 

*For further details email

Iran 2018

WMAC & WFM Dublin Meeting

WorldMAC Nigeria

WorldMAC Kurdistan

WorldMAC Germany

Wing Tsun Universe Seminar in Lubeck, Germany.

Pakistan National Championship Meeting 2017 

UK Taekwondo National Championships 2017

Pakistan (ITF) 2017

Bangkok 2015

First WorldMAC Games - Bangkok 2015

World Mix Boxing Federation

National Karate Organization

WKO Nepal - Shinkyokushin Kai Championships

Indian Association of Kickboxing Organisations

Wushu Lion Dance 

Wing Tsun Universe Seminar in Lubeck - Germany

Ronin Martial Arts Academy

Reunion in Bradford

Zimbabwe Shaolin Wushu School

WorldMAC Representatives Succeed in Dubai

Hall of Fame

The Dome at Doncaster was the venue for the Hall of Fame Awards presented by martial arts legend Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace from the USA, who is also an overseas Ambassador for the World Martial Arts Council.


The World Martial Arts Council is now providing residential weekend martial arts seminars in the United Kingdom at venues with swimming pools, leisure facilities, evening entertainment, bars and restaurants suitable for all the family.  These events provide not only martial arts tuition of a high standard, but also the opportunity to meet other people and enjoy the social aspects offered.

The martial arts are in total disarray, not only in the UK but all over the world.  There is little or no regulation and where there are recognized Governing Bodies, it has long been the case that these do nothing once they have achieved such status.  There are more martial artists outside of these than are involved within them due to internal politics.  Not all martial artists want to be involved in competitions, so residential seminars are good opportunities to meet like-minded people and learn about all aspects of the World Martial Arts Council and future events. Those attending can register for as many seminars as they choose on arrival, and everyone receives a participation certificate. 

For Details & Booking Forms email   

Muay Thai Seminars in India

WMAC Ambassador Master Anne Quinlan, former British Champion (B.A.M.A.T.), British Champion (British Thai Boxing Council), British Champion (I.F.C.F), European Fly Weight Champion (I.F.C.F.), N.N.B.B 47-50.5 Kg. (European Kampioen Dames), World Champion (World Freestyle Thai Boxing), World Junior Fly Weight Champion (W.K.A.) and Fly Weight Champion (International Muay Federation) gave the seminars in India.

WorldMAC Kurdistan

WorldMAC Nepal

WMAC President attended a meeting with Surath Lama in York City in the United Kingdom to discuss the establishment of WorldMAC Nepal and the future of martial arts in South Asia.

Surath Lama meets the Prime Minister who has pledged his support for the martial arts in Nepal. 

Iran Tigers

Junior Guardian Angels

The World Martial Arts Council fully supports the concept of the Guardian Angels, a non-profit international volunteer organization of unarmed crime-prevention patrollers founded on 13 February 1979 in New York City by Curtis Sliwa, that now has more than 130 chapters around the world.  He originally created the organization to combat widespread violence and crime on the New York City Subway system, and originally trained members to make arrests for violent crimes. The organization patrols the streets and neighborhoods but also provides education programmes and workshops for schools and businesses.  The above Junior Guardian Angels of Cleveland, Ohio, USA is one such programme, and is organized and managed by Luis Gonzalez Sr.

WorldMAC UK Expansion

The first meeting to outline the expansion programmes of WorldMAC UK took place on Sunday 11 September 2016. These include establishing county, regional and national championships, national team selections, locations throughout the United Kingdom for weekend residential seminars, academic modules, and the introduction of anti-bullying and self-defence courses into schools and colleges. 

Olympic Torch-Bearer 2016

WMAC International Representative, Jose Carlos dos Santos Oliveira, was selected to carry the Olympic Torch for the Olympic Games of the XXXl Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  

National Award

Dr. Anita Ghosh, the member of the WorldMAC Games Organizing Committee in India responsible for culture, is presented with the AVANTIKA National Award for Social Work. 

 Dr. Anita Ghosh: President & Board Member of ASFAA.  


It is with deep regret and sorrow the World Martial Arts Council and TAFISA announce the passing of Prof. Dr. Anita Ghosh at the age of 54.  She was a long-standing ASFAA board member, close TAFISA follower and supporter, and was also President of the All India Association of Sport for All.  She was a pioneer of Sport for All globally and throughout India, a speaker at international Congresses, a promoter of Traditional Sports and Games, the author of research work on the integration of minorities, and the organizer of the 12th ASFAA Congress in India.  Dr. Anita Ghosh was also on the academic research team for the World Martial Arts Council and a member of the WorldMAC Games Organizing Committee responsible for cultural activities.  She was a great inspiration to all sports enthusiasts, and will remain in the minds of all of those who met her over the years as a strong supporter of the global Sport for All Movement.  The World Martial Arts Council will now establish an annual award for the most outstanding female at all future WorldMAC India National Martial Arts Championships.  All our thoughts are with her, and condolences go to her family at this tragic time.

Annual Traditional Kodokan Judo Championships

WMAC Executive Members attended the Judo For All (UK) Fourth Annual Traditional Kodokan Judo Open National Championships at the Sobell Leisure Centre in London.

  Dubai Presidential Visit 

The WMAC President was invited to Dubai to discuss the possibility of the Arab Nations hosting the WorldMAC Games in the future.

Indian Adjudication Course

This event took place at Anand Dham Ashram, Delhi, India and was organized under the aegis of ITF Tang Soo Do Sports Federation of India by Master Devender Dutt Gaur (6th Dan) and Technical Chairman of ITF Tang Soo Do Sports Federation of India.  The WMAC Adjudication Commissioner William Brogan conducted the international referee course, and this well organized event was a great success.  

WMAC President Visits Pakistan

WorldMAC Pakistan invited the WMAC President to attend the first Sindh Martial Arts Games, welcomed him and his personal assistant, and provided excellent accommodation with full security throughout their visit. 

Sindh Games 

The first Sindh Martial Arts Games were arranged and organized by Shahzada Saleem of Pakistan.

University Meetings & Seminars

Four major universities were visited to establish accreditation for WMAC Academic Courses. 

Press Conferences

The Presidential visit attracted great interest and Press Conferences took place in all the cities he visited, which were televised across the country. 

Punjab Sports Board Meeting

A meeting with the Punjab Sports Board resulted in an agreement that Pakistan will send national teams to the next WorldMAC Games in India in 2016.  In addition, the World Martial Arts Council will provide world class instructors to train the martial artists of Pakistan, and to establish qualified national referees and judges.  The Youth Games hosted by Pakistan in 2014 attracted over four million participants and it was also agreed Pakistan would stage the WorldMAC Pakistan National Games in 2017, and the WorldMAC Games in the near future.  The massive ongoing Sports Programme includes the building of an entire Sports City and a substantial purpose built Sports University with a Martial Arts Department in which the World Martial Arts Council is to be actively involved. 


It is with great sadness we announce the sudden death on 23 July 2016 of Syed Nasir Saidain, the WMAC International Representative for Pakistan.  We extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to his wife, family, associates, members, and friends that took care of the WMAC President and his Personal Assistant during their visit shown above in 2015.  The WMAC will ensure an award in his name is established, and presented annually at the WMAC National Championships in Pakistan. 

WMAC President Visits India

  World Traditional Karate-Do Federation

The World Traditional Karate-do Federation (former ITKF) has now registered with the World Martial Arts Council bringing a further 1,000,000 members, and is an international governing body of traditional karate, which sets up technical standards for that martial art. The organization came into being in 1972, and is responsible for the technical supervision over the ITKF World Championships hosted since 1975 (Los Angeles), the ITKF World Cup, and the Regional (Continental) Championships. The ITKF has been also continually developing technical aspects through the creation of new categories such as en-bu, fuku-go, or kogo-kumite.

On 17 August 2013 an ITKF Extraordinary General Meeting took place at the Japanese Martial Arts and Sports Centre ‘Dojo-Stara Wieś’ in Poland, and by the decision of the General Meeting the ITKF headquarters was moved from Los Angeles(USA) to Geneva(Switzerland). The reorganized ITKF is a non-governmental international organization (NGO) which will promote traditional karate following the decision of the 101st Session of the International Olympic Committee, and in accordance with the ‘ITKF Competition Rules’. The new era ITKF will be a common platform organization for many schools and styles of traditional karate that are practiced worldwide.  Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama was the ITKF Chairman from the very beginning, but currently the function of the ITKF President is performed by Mr. Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski from Poland. The proposal to move the ITKF headquarters to Geneva(Switzerland) and the new ITKF Statute was approved by the following twenty-right countries:

Armenia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, Moldova, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Turkmenistan, United Kingdom, United States, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Poland.

Gathering of Masters Seminar

MAI Gold Awards

Meeting of World Champions

Master Ronnie Green of the World Martial Arts Council, former World Muay Thai Champion on five occsaions, meets Mike Tyson, former undisputed World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, which he successfully defended nine times.  Below he meets former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Frank Bruno MBE who won forty of his forty-five professional fights. 

Free Referees Theory Course                                           The Practical Aspects

WMAC Karate Technical Board Members                                   Roll of Honour Award  

N. Smiler 7th Dan, B. Bentham 6th Dan & D. Willoughby 6th Dan         Collected on behalf of R. Colwell 10th Dan       

Training & Presentations

Training of desk officials                                                                 Kenneth Tsai awarded 5th Dan

MAI Hall of Fame Awards

Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame Awards went to Andrew Banks, Alan Foster, Kevin Lloyd, and Lucci Del-Gaudio.

WMAC Roll of Honour Awards

The Malmaison Hotel in Manchester was the venue for the prestigious Roll of Honour awards presented by Alan Foster (President), to MIchael Good (8th Dan), for lifetime dedication to Ju-Jitsu, and Ronnie Green (Master), for outstanding achievement as a World Champion of Muay Thai on five occasions.  

Malet Lambert School in Hull was the venue for the Roll of Honour award presented by Alan Foster (WMAC President) to Raymond Wood (10th Dan) for lifetime dedication to the art of Ju-Jitsu.

Meeting of Minds 

On Friday 11 April 2014 WMAC President Alan Foster & WMAC Vice-President Kevin Lloyd held a meeting with Carl Emery, founder of the Geneva World Martial Arts Games, and it was decided these two organizations will work together to promote professionally managed martial arts events at all levels.  The annual Geneva tournament has now been endorsed by the World Martial Arts Council as a qualifying event for the WorldMAC Games.

WMAC President A. Foster                                                                      A. Foster, C. Emery

WorldMAC Martial Arts Awards


International Guild of Masters

The following people have been inducted into the International Guild of Masters:


A. Foster (England), A. Steeper (England), M. Good (England), S. S. Vohra (England), N. Smiler (England), P. Wong (Wales), L. Green (England), K. Sirisambhand (England), J. Blackledge (England), A. J. Neudorfer (Germany), R. Green (England), D. Flaherty MBE (England), S. Hicken (England), K. O'Loughlin (England), S. Lowe (England), B. Bentham (England), D. Willoughby (England), D. Sampson (England), R. Iannoccaro (England), C. Emery (Switzerland), Z. Jankovic (Montenegro), Dr. J. O. Itigbri (Nigeria), H. Lahrizi (USA), E. Nazifi (Iran), J. C. Oliveira (Brazil), Fazal Muhammad (Pakistan), M. W. Amosco (Philippines), R. Latosa (USA), A. C. Ariap (Yemen), A. Ogarkov (Russia), Y. Ariza (Colombia), A. Rahoof (India), W. Brogan (England), R. Wood (England), J. Ogden (England), Prof. Dr. M. J. Ranjbar (Iran), Dr. J. C. A. Burgos (Chile), C. A. D. Jimenez (Colombia), K. V. Ravi (India), P. A. Cooney (England), B. A. Jacks (Thailand), J. A. M. Palominos (Chile), M. Shahryar (Iran), J. Anasario (Philippines), Dr. Rev. Dr. Alan William Fromm (England), M. Leigh (England), Shahzada Saleem (Pakistan), M. Lynch (England), J. K.Saikia (India), and S. S. Harichandan (India).


R. Ferrante-Bannera (Germany), A. Mitchell (Scotland), W. Wing Lun Fong (Hong Kong), A. Shareef (India), and R. Kussler (Germany). 


A. Graham (Germany), J. Grimm (Germany), J. V. Ruiz (Mexico) and D. Molter-Musa (Romania)

IGM Award Ceremony at University of Derby (UK)

P. Wong (Shaolin), S. Vohra (8th Dan), J. Blackledge (World Commissioner), N. Smiler (8th Dan) and D. Lee (Former Disability Advisor).    

 Meditation Retreats

There are many aspects to meditation regarded as ways of transforming the human mind through relaxation, concentration, breath control and the creation of inner peace.  It is claimed regular meditation helps to focus the mind, banish stress and anger, overcome fears, frustration and phobias, correct mental and physical imbalances, and develop awareness, confidence, teaching skills and wisdom, all of which are essential attributes to good martial arts practice.  The World Martial Arts Council provides opportunities to learn the art of meditation through the provision of introductory and intermediate day classes at a number of venues, or weekend courses and guided retreats of longer duration with the option of non-residential or residential attendance.   

*Contact us for further information and details regarding availability and prices.

  Generic Courses

National & International Judging

National & International Refereeing

Instructor Teaching & Assessing

Coaching Level 1

Coaching Level 2

Coaching Level 3

Coaching Level 4

Coaching Level 5

First Aid

Conflict & Communication Skills

*Contact us for further details 






















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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