WorldMAC Games

WMAG Executive Board

A. Foster BSc (Hons), MA, FIGM
B. A. Jacks Cert. Ed, FIGM
 M. O' Brien
A. Armstrong 
P. A. Cooney FIGM
 Administration Executive
Finance Executive  
Compliance Executive 

International Directors

 E. Nazifi FIGM 
 United Arab Emirates
Middle East
North America 
South America 

There have been many comments recently regarding the growing number of World Championships involving the martial arts, and an even greater number of people claiming to be World Champions.  It appears there is now a World Championship almost every week in one country or another, which is a totally ludicrous situation.

The World Martial Arts Council spent a considerable time communicating with government officials of most countries, and in 1996 commissioned the writing of the ‘WorldMAC Games Charter’ and this is the intellectual property of WorldMAC International Limited, as are the WorldMAC Games.

The WorldMAC Games Executive Board has now established the necessity of only one World Championship to include all competitive martial arts, and events relating to their associated cultures.  These events will be staged annually on similar lines to the Olympic Games, and as the concept grows and develops, all competitors must have participated in regional and national tournaments within their own countries.  

It is not possible for any person in any sport to attend an event, pay entry fees, and participate in any world event without going through an arduous selection process involving fully sanctioned qualifying stages at regional, state or county, and national levels.  The WorldMAC Games Executive Board sanctions all qualifying events through the WMAC National Representatives in each country, which enables all competitors to progress through an internationally accepted selection process.  To become a World Champion in any martial art entails competing against individuals from all countries, and not at a gathering of local martial arts clubs that offers worthless titles, usually at a high price in terms of travel, accommodation, and entry fees.  All international organizations, regardless of size or martial arts involved, must register with the World Martial Arts Council in order to provide internationally approved selection programmes, competitions sanctioned by the WorldMAC Games Executive Board, and to implement procedures to raise sponsorship to cover the costs of participation, travel, and accommodation for all competitors and officials.

Continuing the quest to establish true world champions, the World Martial Arts Council will stage the WorldMAC Games in partnership with national governments, and it is important these events have the full support of all nations, their respective governments, every international martial arts federation, and all national martial arts official bodies that represent the various disciplines within their own countries.  The World Martial Arts Council has conducted much research, established there is great interest in the concept of the WorldMAC Games amongst all government representatives for sport throughout the world, and many of these have pledged their support to the WMAC Executive Board.  These events consist of competitions between martial arts practitioners in individual and team events, not between countries, and bring together competitors from all championships designated for such purpose by the respective National Committees whose entries have been accepted by the WMAC Executive Board, and that compete under the technical direction of the WorldMAC Alliance and the recognised associations concerned.  The WorldMAC Games include separate competitions in all martial arts, and are staged specifically to determine real world martial arts champions that have competed against the very best from all participating countries.  It is envisaged that eventually all competitors will be sponsored by National Committees through funding obtained from their governments and business communities. 

The Third WorldMAC Games 2017

The Third WorldMAC Games will take place in the United Kingdom

​The Venue

The venue is the Trinity Sports Centre, Higher Cambridge Street, Manchester, M15 6HP

Official Hotel

The official Hotel is Travelodge, Great Ducie Street, Manchester, M3 1RR 

Initial Meeting



Medal Winners

WorldMAC Games (UK) Taekwondo Medalists 2017

Participation Certification

*Event Photographs: Anne Quinlan

Sightseeing & Final Meal

The Second WorldMAC Games 2016

 Indian Promotion Video 

India has been selected to host and stage the WorldMAC Games 2016, and prepatory meetings have now taken place in Delhi to establish an Organizing Committee and the dates for this spectacular event, which will take place from 03-09 November 2016 to avoid the scorching summer. 

 New Delhi Television Interview 

WMAC President Visits India

WorldMAC India Appointment Selection

Culture Festival

Preliminary Meetings

Stadium Inspections

Due to the concept of forming ongoing partnerships with universities across the world, the Jamia Millia Islamia Central University Sports Complex located at Jamia Nagar, New Delhi, 110025, India, has been selected as the venue for the WorldMAC Games 2016.

Official Hotel

The Treebo Amber Hotel is situated at Sukhdev Vihar, Okhla, New Delhi, 110025, India. 


Opening Speeches

Local School Children Demonstrate Traditional Dances

Ministerial Visit

Gift Presentations

Welcome & Officials



Presidential Awards

Appreciation Awards

Final Memories

The First WorldMAC Games 2015

 Video Promotion of WorldMAC Games

 The Legend Lives

Thai Royal Approval

The WorldMAC Games received approval to use the Royal Ceremonial Emblem in the celebrations on the auspicious occasion of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's 5th Cycle (60th) Birthday Anniversary on 02 April 2015 (B.E. 2558). 

Initial Meetings

 Official Thai WorldMAC Games Organizing Committee

Radio & Television Station Visit

Media Preparation

Press Conference

MOU Agreement Official Signing

 Video Signing of MOU Agreement 

For many years some martial arts have continuously attempted to gain inclusion into the Olympic Games, but unfortunately this is never going to happen for the majority, and this prompted the World Martial Arts Council to establish the WorldMAC Games.  These events are open to all individuals, martial arts federations, organizations, and associations regardless of membership numbers or present affiliations, and are staged entirely free of any political agenda.  All martial arts groups are now invited to confirm their interest in this historical development, and to nominate one person from their discipline for the WorldMAC Games Organizing Committee within their country.

All individual martial artists and groups may register with the World Martial Arts Council totally free of charge on the Register Page, the access bar of which is located above the revolving images on every page. 

WorldMAC Games Stadium

The Hua Mak Indoor Stadium is a sporting arena located in Bangkok with the capacity for 15,000 spectators, it was built in 1966 for the 5th Asian Games, and is the venue for the first WorldMAC Games 12 - 22 March 2015.  

Official Hotel

The Chaleena Hotel is situated at 453 Ramkhamheang Road, Bangkok 10310, Thailand. 

Airport Advertising

News Conference

Martial Arts & Culture Festival

Martial Artists From All Nations Are Invited To Compete For Real World Titles 

Amazing Thailand

FIBA in Dubai Agrees to Participate in the WorldMAC Games

Representatives from the Jeet Kune-Do Federation of India Visits Bangkok

WorldMAC Games Medals 

*Shown smaller than actual size

 WorldMAC Games Opening Ceremony 1

 WorldMAC Games Opening Ceremony 2

Indoor Events 

WorldMAC Games Videos 


 Wai Kru Ceremony 2015 - 1200 Fighters Representing 76 Countries


Thai Cultural Entertainment 

WMAC Congress 2015

Official Hotel Thank You Party & Presentations

Going Home


Event Videos

  WorldMAC Games Montage - Bangkok 2015

*To view all videos from this event select 'WorldMAC 2015 Every Video World Martial Arts Council' down the right side whilst playing the 'Montage' above.  All videos will then play automatically in order.                             

WorldMAC Games Charter


Group Registration
   Martial Arts & Categories


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