International Guild of Masters

The International Guild of Masters (IGM) is the èlite professional section of the World Martial Arts Council, the role of which is to provide the technical expertise necessary to maintain the highest standards of instruction and education.  Applicants wishing to become a member of the prestigious International Guild of Masters must supply a record of personal details, educational qualifications, martial arts history, achievements, grades, and any titles awarded.  This record must be supported by letters, references, certificates, or other acceptable evidence such as media reports or photographs.  



There are three levels of registration, all of which necessitate integrity, objectivity, competence, high performance, and courtesy.  Those holding the rank of 1st and 2nd dan or the equivalent are registered as Associates, and are authorized to annex to their names the letters (AIGM).  Those holding the rank of 3rd and 4th dan or the equivalent are registered as Members, and are authorized to annex to their names the letters (MIGM).  Those holding the rank of 5th dan and above or the equivalent are registered as Fellows, and are authorized to annex to their names the letters (FIGM).  Such designatory letters may only be used by persons in possession of a valid certificate awarded on acceptance and then when the class of registration changes.  Please note the initials AIGM, MIGM, and FIGM signify the professional level within the International Guild of Masters and are not academic qualifications.      


Helping Hands Across The World



Those registered share many benefits which include international recognition, global accreditation of grades awarded by members, technical board positions, financial rewards for all aspects of teaching, and examining, travel and accommodation expenses when necessary, payment for professional services not connected with the martial arts when required, and full media exposure for individuals and groups.




All official IGM members are automatically placed on an agency register unless they request otherwise, and are fully paid for their services.  The role of the agency is to provide recognized instructors for all martial arts when requested by groups, sporting bodies, schools, colleges, universities, or other institutions that require teaching services for regular lessons, courses, or specialized seminars anywhere in the world.  In addition, qualified examiners can be provided to conduct grading examinations.  The agency ensures all registered members are fully qualified and insured, hold all the necessary certificates required by law, and attend any courses specifically designed to provide continued personal development, and updates on all matters.    



IGM - The WMAC Professional Authority



*To apply visit the WorldMAC Projects page for form and details. 



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