WorldMAC Leisure

The World Martial Arts Council is presently in the process of establishing the WorldMAC International Headquarters in the United Kingdom.  The site is located off the M62 Motorway that provides transport routes to the cities of Hull, York, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax, Manchester, and Liverpool.  Junctions for the M18, M1, M6 and A1 allow access to all parts of the British Isles, and the North Sea Ferry Terminal at Hull provides overnight cruises to and from Europe.  In addition, the airports located at Humberside, Leeds/Bradford, Manchester, and Liverpool also ensure the site can be readily accessed from anywhere in the world.

 WorldMAC Complex

The WorldMAC organization is the first to undertake the provision of a residential, leisure, and education complex built, not only to accommodate all martial arts, but also to arrange many diverse cultural activities, youth exchange programmes, and to service the social and leisure needs of local communities.  The complex will include a hotel, international restaurant, bar, a number of training areas for a variety of activities, library, café, classrooms, offices, changing areas, sufficient toilets, showers, and parking facilities.

The complex will provide residential and non-residential seminars and training for all martial arts, organize competitions, entertainment, a wide variety of cultural programmes, and establish academic courses in conjunction with established educational institutions leading to accredited qualifications.  All those registered with one of the three sections of the World Martial Arts Council will be eligible to visit this complex, and those selected for the WorldMAC National Teams will be fully sponsored to attend advanced training courses and seminars at this venue.

*Site for the WorldMAC Complex

WorldMAC International Headquarters

*Aerial View

The Futon Hotel


The hotel will comprise of thirty bedrooms and reflect an international theme. 

*Full updates and progress reports will be given at regular intervals in this section.

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