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The WorldMAC Media Division exists to provide all registered groups and individuals with unique services that are not available from other organizations. These include our own free martial arts magazine, videos, televised programmes, broadcasts of all major martial arts events, and an online library containing a diversity of material.

WorldMAC Online Magazine

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Individuals and groups are invited to submit articles on their martial arts and associated subjects for inclusion in this free online magazine.  These should include, history, culture, training methods, photographs, educational articles or news from around the world.  Please note advertising of any kind will not be included and articles and photographs must be free of copyright protection.  All articles and photographs must be sent in an email or as Word Documents to for consideration, and the Editor's decision is final. 

Video Collection

 From Ancient Temple Beginnings
 Zen Buddhism
 Zen Principles & Practicies
 The Zen Mind
 Zen Introduction
 Zen Monks
 Samurai Warriors
 Kyudo 1
 Kyudo 2
 Katori Shinto Ryu
 JKA World Karate-Do Championships Tokyo 2014
 Junior Female Grade Examination
 Young Female Wado Ryu Kata
 Mahiro-Chan Aged 6 Kata Comparison
 Amazing Kata Performance 
 Japanese Female Aged 11 Junior Kata Champion
 Female World Kata Champion Rika Usami of Japan
 Japanese Female Karate Kata Team
 Italian Male Karate Kata Team
 Japanese Male Karate Kata Team
 World Female Karate Kata Champion Rika Usami & Dominoes
 Body Conditioning
 Five Year Old Boy With Nunchaku
 Fast Kyokushin Karate Knockouts
 Disabled Dave Kengen Performs Bassai Dai Kata
 Kyudokan Shorin Ryu Kobudo Performance
 Jion Kata: 10 Year Old Masaki 
 Unsu Kata: Michael Milon
 Three Year Old Recites Student Creed
 Ciani Palencia & Kung-Fu Forms
 M. Y. Fan (Taiwan) Tai Chi Form
 Chi Energy: Real Proof
  Tai Chi Chuan In An Abandoned Place
 Jade Xu: World Wushu Champion 
 Reunion of Master Toddy & Ronnie Green
 Last Old Lumpinee Show 2014
 Top Ten Muay Thai Knockouts
 The Fight That Changed History
 Ronnie Green Interview
 Brutal Muay Thai Fights
 Fights of the Decade - Ward v Gatti
 Ann Wolfe v Vonda Ward
 Peruvian Female Fighting Sport
 School Bully Dealt With  
 Bully Picks Wrong Girl
 Thai Film Som Tum Fight Scene
 Subak: The Oldest Korean Martial Art   
 Textbook of Ju-Jutsu 1905
 Seven Unknown African Martial Arts
 Twenty-Five Most Dangerous Martial Arts
 Kodo: "O-Daiko" Japanese Drummers
 Yamato Japanese Drummers
 Shumei Taiko - Japanese Drums
 Manao - Drums of China Power Girls
 Young Taiko Drummers
 AFS Thailand Taiko Drums
 Bruce Lee: Unconventional Table Tennis
 Real Kung-Fu Panda
 Rion Paige Age 13 Years Motivates The World
 Tina S: Effortless Guitar Solo
 Julia Gomes: Young Angelic Opera Singer
 Teasing Talking Dog
 Riverdance: The Final Performance 
 Young Dance Couple
 Young Male Pianist
Celine Tam Young Chinese Singer
 North Korean Child Guitarists
 Chinese Deaf Dance Troupe: Thousand Hands Performance
 Cydel Gabutero: Power Of Love
 Japanese guitarist aged 8 years
 Eight Year Old Jonny Mizzone: Sleepy Man Banjo Boys
  How Great Thou Art: Carrie Underwood & Vince Gill
 Twenty-First Century: The Reality 
 Remember Your Mother
 Giving Is The Best Communication
 Selfless Love & Legacy
 Overcoming Difficulties
 Patrick Otema Learns New Skill
 Help The Poor
 Reason Why Dads Lie
 Abdul Sattar Edhi: A Short Documentary
 Sudha Varghese: Helping The Poor
 The 12 Laws of Karma

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