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Robert Andrew was not a martial artist but a man built like a bull, gentle as a lamb, and a true friend.  He passed away on Sunday 22 October 2017 and will be sadly missed. 

  Cat (2000-2016)

Cat by name and a cat by nature, this remarkable animal was a loyal friend and mascot of the World Martial Arts Council from 2000 until his demise in 2016.  Throughout this period he experienced all the hard times that ultimately resulted in the phenomenal success that followed, rightly earned a place in the history of the Council, will be greatly missed, and could never be replaced.   



​Errol Field, a distinguished member of the World Martial Arts Council, passed away on 13 September 2017.  His death prompted the creation of the new WorldMAC Judo Alliance with legend Brian Jacks as the World Commissioner. 

Dr. Anita Ghosh, a member of the WMAC Academic Team and WorldMAC Games Organizing Committee, passed away suddenly on 03 August 2016

Syed Nadir Saidain, WMAC International Representative for Pakistan, unexpectedly passed away on 23 July 2016.


Steve Babbs, British Lau Gar Champion and a legend ahead of his time, passed away suddenly on 26 April 2016.

Sensei Ronnie Colwell, Roll of Honour receipient in 2014, and an inspiration to many, passed away at his home on 27 February 2015.   

On 20 December 2014 in the early hours of the morning, Grand Master Marcos Beltran Troncoso, Fellow of the International Guild of Masters and  International Representative for Chile, passed away.  He was a pioneer of the martial arts in South America, and will be sadly missed.

​David MacIntyre of Mnchester, one of the early pioneers of WorldMAC Regional Championships, passed away on 19 October 2009.  He believed in the WorldMAC concept from the very beginning, and played a major role in its early success.  

  Roll of Honour

With the exception of the Presidential Pin, the Roll of Honour is the highest distinction within the World Martial Arts Council, and is awarded in recognition of outstanding achievement, total dedication over many years, or for services that have greatly contributed to the growth and promotion of the martial arts.


  Steve Babbs (1954-2016) 

British Champion - Lifetime Achievement & Dedication (Awarded Posthumously)

  Keiko Fukuda (1913-2013)

10th Dan Judo - Lifetime Achievement & Dedication (Awarded Posthumously).

Michael Good FIGM

8th Dan Ju-Jitsu - Lifetime Dedication.

  Ronnie Colwell

10th Dan Karate - Lifetime Dedication.

  Ronnie Green FSMA, FIGM

Muay Thai Master - Outstanding Achievement. 

  Ray Wood FIGM

10th Dan Ju Jitsu - Lifetime Dedication

 Brian Jacks Cert.Ed., FIGM

10th Dan Judo - Achievement & Dedication

 Presidential Pin

  The PresidentialThe Presidential Pin is the highest distinction, and is awarded only by the President in recognition of outstanding services that have contributed to the international status, growth, and promotion of the martial arts.  It was designed by the founder and first President Alan Foster to be made of gold with four diamonds to represent north, south, east and west, and eight rubies representative of the eight geographical zones that form the entire world as outlined in the WMAC Constitution.   


Michael Good FIGM

Sensei Michael Good (UK) is one of the original pioneers that attended the first World Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand during 1997.  Since that time he has financially supported the World Martial Arts Council, served as the WMAC Treasurer and Registrar throughout his involvement, and was granted Role of Honour status in 2014 for a lifetime of dedication to the martial art of Ju-Jitsu.          

 Presidential Certificate

The Presidential Certificate is awarded in recognition of outstanding services, not required or expected, that have contributed to the international status, growth, and promotion of the World Martial Arts Council.


  Consolacion Camba BSc

Consolacion Camba assisted with legal matters in gaining permission from the owners of a large area of land to build the first residential martial arts village, and helped the World Martial Arts Council to function and expand its operations.    

 Charles Oldridge

Charles Oldridge has maintained a belief in the concept of the World Martial Arts Council for twenty-five years, travelled to Europe on a number of occasions to support martial arts seminars, and was appointed as the WMAC Development Advisor in 2014.  

  Shamin Akhtar

Shamin Akhtar worked at the first WorldMAC Games in Thailand, accompanied the President as a personal assistant and translator in Pakistan, and formed a charity that raised thousands of pounds for those affected in the present war zones of the Middle East.  

  Ehsan Nazifi FIGM

Ehsan Nazifi fully supported the Second WorldMAC Games in India and brought many competitors from Iran.  In addition, he is assisting in establishing the first WorldMAC University and is now responsible for promoting the World Martial Arts Council in the Middle East.

  Tanveer Chaudhary

Tanveer Chaudhary was responsible for organizig the Second WorldMAC Games in New Delhi in 2016.  Despite constant setbacks and much opposition from local martial arts groups he ensured the event was successfully staged.

  Sajda Kauser

​Sajda Kauser created the Al-Sundus brand of exclusive designer ladieswear, has financially supported many charities, and is now working to establish an orphanage for female children in Pakistan.

  Saba Bhatti

​Saba Bhatti established the A.B. Institute in Sukkur, whilst still a college student herself in Pakistan, and provides free education programmes for young adults.

  Mahmood Khan 

Mahmood Khan established WorldMAC Pakistan and the WMAC Welfare Foundation in Lahore, and has been the driving force in the promotion of the WorldMAC movement in his country.  

Charity Support Withdrawn

The Charity Dinner shown above took place on Sunday 24 January 2016 in Bradford, was considered a success, and over £7,000 was pledged in support of three causes in Pakistan.  On all promotional literature it clearly stated donations should be paid direct into the account of the WorldMAC Foundation, and details of this are also shown above.  It then came to the attention of the WorldMAC Foundation that cash donations had being collected in person and not paid into the stipulated account.  The first of the three images above show a cheque in the name of WorldMAC being presented by Shamin Lyn to Ch. Azhar Mehmood of the Khari Sharif Welfare Society concerned with forced marriages, and this was a complete fake as the WorldMAC Foundation did not authorize this payment, the cheque had no value, and was nothing more than a cheap publicity stunt that could be construed as deception.

The second image shows £1,000 in cash collected personally by Shamin Lyn but this was never paid into the WorldMAC Foundation account as originally agreed, and the WorldMAC Foundation was not informed about this, nor was it provided with the names and amounts pledged on the evening of the event, despite numerous requests for this information, an action that has since been considered by some to be embezzlement. 

The third image shows Shamin Lyn handing over the £1,000 in cash to a chef at a Bradford restaurant in the presence of a relative of Ch. Azhar Mehmood.  The information received was that this chef was visiting Pakistan to hand the money personally to Ch. Azhar Mehmood, and in a country renown for terrorist activity, this type of cash transaction is contrary to strict money laundering regulations. 

At the time these images were taken only £1,282 had been received by the WorldMAC Foundation, and added to the £1,000 collected personally by Shamin Lyn this was a total of £2,282.  Considering three causes were to be supported by this event the £1,000 given to Ch. Azhar Mehmood was almost half of the donations collected at that time, and should not have exceeded £760.68p which was around one third.  In addition, any donation should have been transferred directly into the account of the Khari Sharif Welfare Society so it could be correctly recorded and shown to be fully transparent. 

The second cause to be supported was the Mehria Welfare Society concerned with acid and burns victims in Pakistan, and although to date no money from the event has been sent to this society as far as is known, it has been discovered it has no bank account and in the past all money raised for this cause was sent by Shamin Lyn to the personal account of her cousin.  These actions and methods used to send public donations are open to serious questions and are not conducive to the way in which the WorldMAC Federation operates. 

The £1,282 collected by the WorldMAC Foundation was transferred by Express Bank Transfer on 04 May 2016 to the third supported cause in Pakistan connected with the promotion of sport and tuition by world-class instructors in order to assist Pakistan in competing at international levels, in full agreement and with the support of the Punjab Sports Board.  As far as is known there is still around £5,000 in pledges to collect but the WorldMAC Foundation wants no further involvement with either the Khari Sharif Welfare Society that hires expensive hotels for its promotions and provides opulent lifestyles for its employees, probably paid for by public donations, or the Mehria Welfare Society that does not even have its own bank account.  Shamin Lyn is infamous for her 100% donations but  where these actually go is questionable. 

 Photographic Gallery

WMAC Registered Father & Son Muay Thai Champions

 Ronnie Green Five Times Muay Thai World Champion 

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Japanese Kabuto Art Prints

Chinese Lanterns

Often associated with festivals, paper lanterns are also hung outside businesses to attract attention.  Airborne paper lanterns are called sky lanterns, and are often released into the night sky for aesthetic effect at lantern festivals.  In China, paper lanterns can be classified into 5 distinct classes which are: the Baby's Bottom that is the miniature class often used in modern times with Christmas lights.  The second is the Rolling Paper, the tall, cylindrical lanterns associated with restaurants and bars.  The third is the Tomato Light also known as Big Red that is the classic round mid-size lantern. The fourth is the Crystal Magic made in different shaped geometric lamps constructed of many square and triangular panes, and the last is known as Buddha's Gastronomy that are the large lanterns used to decorate temples and for show at festivals.  Also, there are the traditional Chinese lanterns, primarily red but also in other colours, which can be round or capsule-shaped and are usually seen in stores, at temples, or during festivals. The colour red (fire) traditionally symbolizes good fortune and joy.

Wisdom & Philosophies


Taiko Drums

Japanese Geisha


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