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To All Members Of Worldmac


Anne Armstrong has been appointed by the board of Worldmac as our new President. She will continue with Dear Alan's legacy and move forward around the World with the help and support from the Executive Board Members. As a Board we will continue the same path, that Mr Alan Foster had worked so passionately for over 20 years and we will as promised continue with his legacy for many, many years to come........

To all members of Worldmac...
It is with much regret that I have to inform you all of the sad passing of our Founder and President Of Worldmac, Mr Alan Foster.
Alan sadly passed away very suddenly on 29th December 2017.
This is a great loss to the World of MARTIAL ARTS.
This great man has left a legacy behind which must continue forward in his name.
The current Boards Members which Mr Alan Foster was working with over the last 20 years will endeavor to fulfill Alan's Dreams and Aspirations. All Members can contact Anne Armstrong on ( until further notice..... Sleep tight Dear Alan xxx


Swedish Taekwondo Cup & Swedish Kickboxing Championships Stockholm SWEDEN 2018

The World Martial Arts Council U.K. Squad did absolutely outstanding over the 4 days of the championships in Stockholm, Sweden.

Kickboxing section, the Team had 19 of our 28 students Compete, U.K. came home with 7 Gold, 9 Silver and 3 Bronze medals. 16 of our 19 students made it into the finals of the KICKBOXING CHAMPS and they had to compete against countries from Sweden, Switzerland, Algeria, Greece, Italy to name a few.

The Taekwondo Cup was just as amazing for the team. With each student competing in either Poomsae Solo, Pair or Team Forms aswell as the Sparring Section of the Championships. Out of 28 Competitors we came home with 22 Gold Medal's yes 22..... a number of silver and bronze medals to add. To top it all we one club of the championships beating over 10 countries in this years competition.

Outstanding Championships, Outstanding Team, Oustanding weekend.

I'm proud of each and every student that competed. WorldMac has many talented young students in the U.K. Squad and we all look forward to another successful 2019 year as we head to Turkey in April and our U.K. Championships then back to Sweden in November 2019.

Onwards and upwards and they say.

Mrs Anne Armstrong




Brian Jacks Master Class On Friday 15th June at WORLMAC CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE DUMFRIES

Brian did a 3 HOUR Master Class in Judo for all the Scottish Team. it was a great turn out with around 60 people in attendance.

Brian is one of the Legends of Judo and still holds the world record when he was on superstars in the 80s, and is one of the loveliest guys you could ever meet.

Honoured that he came to Dumfries and proud to have him on the excecutive board of worldmac.



Worldmac U.K. Taekwondo and Kickboxing Squad

Our Strong Team of 22 Warriors took to the road to Aberdeen on Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th April.

Competing in the WKC Aberdeen World Open Karate & Kickboxing Championships.

The Squad did us all proud coming home with 19 medals from 22 competitors over the weekends championships.

Next up for the Squad is the Swedish Taekwondo Open in Stockholm at the end of November 2018.

Worldmac New President Anne Armstrong as well as all the board members would like to congratulate our wonderful U.K. Taekwondo & Kickboxing Squad on the success seen over the weekends championships in Aberdeen.

World Martial Arts Council



 It recently came to the notice of the Executive Council of the World Martial Arts Council that a member had taken it upon himself to call a totally unconstitutional meeting of some three members to make a subversive attempt to take over the running of WMAC, that meeting has no legal standing whatsoever within the World Martial Arts Council. The proposal to hold this totally unauthorised meeting was fraudulent in that on the meeting proposal it named Andy Steeper as Vice-President, he resigned the post some two months earlier, Mick Good was elected in his place, Geoff Rennison was never a founder member, the WMAC, had it's inaugural meeting in Chaing Mai in Thailand in 1997 and he was not there, and he has never atttended any of the World Games held by the WMAC, and has not made any meaniful contibution over the years. An extraordinary general meeting is convened upon the initiative of the president or upon the written request of at least one third of the voting members of the council.        If the president decides it is necessary to hold a meeting, the place is decided by the WMAC, board, once decided the notices of time, and place plus the agenda are sent out by the secretary general at least one month before the meeting. If he was truly the member he claims to be he would have had a copy of the constitution to which he could have referred thus knowing how to convene a legal meeting, simple when you know how. Having considered the above actions by Mr Geoff Rennison, the member the Executive Council unanimously agreed to revoke his membership with immediate effect, and he is forbidden to give any impression that he is still a member of this organisation, or to use any material (badges, logos, etc.) belonging to the wmac.        MARCH 2018

Picture of the Squad who are heading to Aberdeen at the end of April 2018 for the first Championships of the year. The Taekwondo & Kickboxing Squad have a training camp at the end of MARCH in preparation for the World Karate Championships. Pictures will follow after the championships in May. Good luck Team Worldmac U.K..........

It is the responsibility of all teams, national or otherwise, and individuals wishing to participate in the WorldMAC Games to obtain sponsorship from their own governments or business communities.  The World Martial Arts Council  has no funds to allocate for flights, accommodation or food. However, there is a discount system for team leaders to help with overall costs of participation.  Details of this are available from  

Host Country

The Fourth WorldMAC Games will take place in Sweden

The Venue

Official Hotel

WorldMAC Games Airport Meeting


WorldMAC Judo Alliance

Brian Jacks 10th Dan has been appointed as the WMAC World Commissioner for judo, and the Vice-President of the WorldMAC Games Executive Board. He is now in the process of establishing the WorldMAC Judo Alliance to train judoka to international standards.

Brian Jacks Master Class

WorldMAC Nigeria Television Interview  

First WorldMAC Pakistan National General Meeting 

WorldMAC Nepal Government Registration

WorldMAC Nepal is now registered with the Government of Nepal.

WorldMAC Japan

Shamisen Under The Cherry Blossoms

The majority of martial arts in competitive events have their origins in Japan and were exported to other parts of the world long before those of China, Korea, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. Unfortunately, many of these have been diluted and standards have diminished to such an extent that they are no longer recognisable as martial arts.  The World Martial Arts Council was established to promote all martial arts regardless of origin.  However, the true spirit of the martial arts is rooted in Japanese tradition and culture, and although the concept of uniting all martial arts is rapidly spreading across the globe, it is now essential ‘WorldMAC Japan’ is established as a leading authority within the WorldMAC Movement.


Please email if interested in developing this section                 

Legendary Ronnie Green Muay Thai Golden Belt

The legendary Ronnie Green Golden Belt will be awarded annually to the most outstanding male and female Muay Thai fighter in any category at the WorldMAC Games.

WMAC Ring Sport Belts

The WMAC Ring Sport Belts are different colours that represent various titles.  White is for Area Titles, Blue is for National Titles, Red is for International Titles and Black is for World Titles.

  Indian Government Registration

  This is to inform all registered Indian groups the World Martial Arts Council was registered under the Societies Registration Act (XXI of 1860), and as amended by the Punjab Amendment Act 1957, at Chandigarh on 12 March 1998  and the above certificate was issued.

WorldMAC Africa  

The World Martial Arts Council is now seeking National & Regional Representatives for all African nations.


Vice-President Appointment


WMAC President Alan Foster has now also been appointed as the Vice-President of the World Fitness & Korean Martial Arts Association of Chile

Appointment of International Promoter for Professional Division

Ehsan Nazifi FIGM

Ehsan Nazifi has now been appointed as the International Promoter for the new professional division and is responsible for promoting and organizing all profssional events sanctioned by the World Martial Arts Council. 

Appointment of International Representative

J. A. M. Palominos 6th Dan Taekwondo

Master Jaime Antonio Meneses Palominos has now been appointed as the WMAC International Representative for Chile, and has also been inducted as a Fellow of the International Guild of Masters. 

Appointment of Sports Ju-Jitsu World Referee

R. Iannoccaro 7th Dan Tasshi 

With over forty years experience in martial arts, Ross Iannoccaro is one of the most respected teachers and coaches in the United Kingdom.  In 2005 he was promoted to 7th Dan and granted the title of Tasshi (expert / master) by Soke Fumon Tanaka, head of Koden Enshin Kyu samurai arts schools in Japan.  He is also a pioneer of Sports Ju-Jitsu and MMA (Grapple & Strike) in the United Kingdom, and in recognition of his endeavours and dedication to the art of Ju-Jitsu, he was proposed by Michael Good (8th Dan), and inducted into the WMAC International Guild of Masters on 12 April 2014.  As a result of this appointment, several Sports Ju-Jitsu formats will now be included in all WMAC tournaments, and accredited referee courses are to be introduced across the world. 

Wing Tsun Technical Board Appointment

Grand Master A. J. Neudorfer

Sifu Neudorfer, a Fellow of the International Guild of Masters, has now been appointed to the WMAC Technical Board for Wing Tsun Kung-Fu.  He is the founder of Wing Tsun Universe that now extends across Austria, Germany and Bavaria, and will shortly be operating classes and residential seminars in the United Kingdom.

Judo Technical Board Appointment

B. A. Jacks 10th Dan

Brian Jacks, former British Judo Champion and Olympic medallist, is a Fellow of the International Guild of Masters, and has been appointed to the WMAC Technical Board for Judo.      

   Child Protection

The World Martial Arts Council has reached an innovative agreement with MANTIS, the Children’s Protector that will attract new members for our registered groups.  The revolutionary new child protection programme is supported by the UK Government, ABA, and NCB, and is being promoted in every school throughout the UK. 

National Martial Arts Council of India

​The above group is now registered

Free Fight Self-Defence Academy

​The above group is now registered

Karate Foundation of India

​The above foundation is now registered

Hyderabad Kung Fu Academy - Pakistan

​The above organization is now registered

Yoshita Kickboxing

​The above organization is now registered

World United Martial Arts Association

The above association is now registered 

International Kyokushinkai Karate Do Union - India

The above union is now registered

Hyderabad Kung Fu Academy - Pakistan

The above group is now registered

Taekwondo Board of India

 The above group is now registered with over 50,000 members

Worldwide All Style Martial Arts Organization  of Pakistan

 The above organization is now registered

  World Unification of Karate

The WMAC supports the World Unification of Karate

  World Branche Tae Do Contact

The above organization is now registered

World Organization of Tae Do Kung Fu & Martial Arts

 The above organization is now registered

 International Kickboxing Confederation

The above organization and its trademark are now officially registered by the Government of India.  The Chairman is S.S. Harichandan and Kancho Akbar Rohparvar is the representative for Iran & Asia.

World Hit Boxing Organization

 The above organization is now registered

Indian Association of Kickboxing Associations

The above organization is now registered

World Martial Arts Hall of Fame (Nepal)

The above organization is now registered

International Fellowship of Martial Artists 

The above Fellowship is now registered  

World Muay Federation

The above federation is now registered

 European Muay Confederation

The above confedertion is now registered

S.E.R.C.S.U. International Security

The above organization is now registered

  Liga Nacional De Karate Do Brasil

The above is the new logo of this group

 Universal Freestyle Karate Kickboxing Association

The above organization is now registered

 International Malakhra Wrestling Organization 

The above organization is now registered

 Iraq Kyokushinkai & Self-Defense Federation

The above federation is now registered

 World Kyokushinkai & Self-Defense Federation

The above federation is now registered

 Lebanese Kyokushinkai Federation

The above federation is now registered

 FIBA & AFAB United Arab Emirates

The above Arab Boxing organizations are now registered

 World Kickboxing Association

The World Kickboxing Association is now registered.

 World Fitness & Korean Martial Arts Autonomous Federation

The World Fitness & Korean Martial Arts Autonomous Federation of Chile is now registered.


Registered Groups

The World Martial Arts Council welcomes Ki Zen Do (USA), World Taekwondo Union (Bahrain), Shams Martial Arts Academy [Taekwondo] (Bahrain), Shams Martial Arts Academy [MMA] (Bahrain), National Martial Arts Council (India), Alireza Yazadizadah (UK), Witcham Judo Club (England(, Azami Falkirk Judo Club (Scotland), Dim Mak Norge (Norway), Kyusho Jitsu Norge (Norway), Officina Del Benessere (Italy), All-In-One Academy (India), WorldMAC Turkey (Turkey), International Free Fight Self-Defence Federation (Turkey), Worcester Judo Club 83 (England), Team O'Donnell (UK), Luton School of Judo (England), Tatsfield Martial Arts (England), United Shotokan Masters Association (India), Countrywide Hapkido Federation (India), World I-Na Organization (Iran), Free Style Martial Arts International Organisation (India), Sistema Integrado Ky_Combat Sistem De Defensa Personal (Argentina), World F1 Martial Arts Organization (UK), World F1 Organization Martial Arts (England), Dai Nippon Shinpukai (USA), Kobudo Arashi Ryu (Italy), All India Koshiki Federation (India), Fecakunfu (Cameroon), Free Fight Self Defence Academy (Turkey), Escuela Patagonica De Tae Kwon Do (Argentina), Shaolin Kungfu Internationl (India), National Savate Federation (India), Kid's Wing Chun Academy (England), Chinese Shaokin Kungfu (India), Fitness & Combat United (India), Enshinkan Aiki Jujitsu (Malaysia), International Karate Organisation Kyokushin Senshi Kai Kan (Pakistan), Yoshita Kickboxing (Iran), International Security Command (USA), World Military Martial Arts Federation (USA), International Kyokushinkai & Self-Defense Organization (Iran), Krishna Sevak Samaaj (India), Institute Bushido (Indonesia), WorldMAC France (France), Taekwondo Sport Academy (India), International Zurkhaneh Sports & Kosthi Pahlavani Federation (Iran), Federation Des Arts Martiaux Coreens (France), United Kingdom Bugei Organisation (UK), Nepal Shinkyokushin Karate (Nepal), Krav Maga Urban Combat (Brazil), Shito Ryu Sports Karate & Kickboxing Association (India), World Boudjelthia Ninjajiu Jutsu Self-Defense Academy (Algeria), World Hapkido (Algeria), Ozee Martial Arts Club (Ghana), Goshin Karate (India), Escuela De Combate Maestro Sergio Balmaceda (Argentina), SAS Martial Arts (England), Xtreme Martial Arts International (India), Hyderabad Kung Fu Academy (Pakistan), The Jeet Kune Do Academy (India), International Union of Martial Arts Tanteo (Iran), Nepal Karate & Kickboxing Association (Nepal), MSP Group (India), World Shudo Martial Art Organisations (India), Tangsoodo Sports Federation (India), Khiladi Send Sports Federation (India), Red Diamond Martial Art & Sports Welfare Association (India), Tu Mana Toa Combat Systems (New Zealand), WorldMAC UK (UK), International Kyokushinkai Karate Do Union (India), Sindh Martial Arts Council (Pakistan), Sindh Amateur Kick Boxing Association (Pakistan), Federasi Karate Full Contact (Indonesia), WVWVS St. Clair Family Martial Arts (USA), Bengal Karate Academy (India), AFWWA(L) Karate Club (India), Arizona Krav Haganah Association (USA), Indraprastha Sports & Fitness Federation (India), Anil Wagh Taekwondo Sports Foundation (India), Anil Wagh Sports Association (India), National Self-Defense Federation (India), International Karla Kattai Sports Federation (India), International Chinese Kung-Fu Academy (India), Indraprastha Taekwondo Association Ahmednagar (India), World Masculine Sports Federation (India), Masculine Sports Federation (India), Chhatrapati Taekwondo Association (India), International Mushtido Federation (India), WorldMAC Cameroon (Cameroon), International Kickboxing Sports Organization (India), WorldMAC Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan), South Asia Traditional Karate Federation (India), ASED Fight Club (Azerbaijan), Musculine Sports Foundation (India), Shotokan Karate International Association (India), World Martial Arts Council (Pakistan), Goole Wado Kai Karate Club (England), Modern Self-Defence Federation (India), Dolo Hwarang Argentina Guerreros Legendarios (Argentina), Karate Do Uechy Ryu (Argentina), Koushiki-Karate Goshin Kempo Okusu-Kai (Japan), WorldMAC Iran (Iran), Indo Karate & Sport Federation of Mumbai (India), Kokar Fight Club (India), World Budokai Self-Defense Federation (Iran), World Kyokushinkai & Self Defense Federation (Iran), Sangrok (Ethiopia), Knockout Martial Arts & Fitness (India), Lao Tse (Argentina), International Yama Full Contact Karate Organization (India), Taekwondo Board of India (India), Independent Bosnian Martial Arts, MMA & Full Contact Combat Karate Federation (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Tripura Martial Arts Council (India), Self-Defense & Martial Arts Association (India), Worldwide All Styles Martial Arts Organization-Sukkur Branch (Pakistan), Mushin Hapkido (Argentina), Shawmin Yang Martial Art (USA), Kajukenbo KSDS (England), Instituto Namaste (Argentina), Adonai (Argentina), Ronin Martial Arts Academy (Scotland), ECKA Modern Karate (Kuwait), Sham's Martial Arts Academy (Bahrain), Tao Pactzu Kung Fu Tradicional Chino (Argentina), Ras World Zen Do Shin Karate Federation (India), Kamiza Dojo (England), International Martial Arts Academy (Bahrain), Sports Jeet Kune Do Federation (India), Escuela Sudamericana Tae Kwon Do Guerrero (Argentina), Sol Naciente Artes Marciales (Argentina), Misil Team Formosa - Dojo Serpiente (Argentina), Sistema Integrado Ky - Sistema De Defensa Personal (Argentina), Dronacharya International Martial Arts Federation (India), Saizen Martial Arts Family (Pakistan), Jay-Kee Lion Martial Art & Kung Fu Karate Federation (India), International Budokai Shihan Kai-International Master Association (India), World Empire Integrated Martial Arts Command (Philippines), Master Suratmi Martial Art (Indonesia), Budokan Kai Kan Karate Do Federation (India), Savate Association of India (India), Kyokukenpokai Jutsu (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Institucion Ky-Combat Kickboxing (Argentina), Academy of Martial Arts (India), Punch Fight International Federation (India), Kin'yoku-Tekina Karate Do (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Asociacion De Taekwondo Del Noroeste De Mexico A.C. (Mexico), International Real Shaolin Kungfu Training Institute (India), Full Contact Combat Karate Federation (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Bosnia & Herzegovina Full Contact Karate Do Federation (Bosnia & Herzegovina), United Bushido Warriors Federation (USA), Kei Chu Shin Do International Elite (Philippines), All India Martial Arts Council (India), Red Dragon Academy of Martial Arts (India), Doragun Kenpo Karate Ryu (Italy), L'Association Sportive Anassr Zaouia (Algeria), Lee's Martial Arts Academy (India), Asian Kick Fight Federation (Pakistan), International Saizen Shotokan Karate-Do Federation (India), Kadhambam Traditional Martial Arts Association (India), Jharkhand Martial Arts Training Centre (India), National Martial Arts & Sports Foundation (India), WorldbFut (Tanzania), National Board of Martial Arts Sports & Physical Education (India), Pakistan Krav Maga Federation (Pakistan), Pakistan Kick Fight Federation (Pakistan), World Kick Fight Federation (Pakistan), International Mix-Boxing Sports Council (India), World Maekowan-Do Federation (India), MAC India Academy (India),  Luminous Youth Empowerment Wefare Organization (Pakistan), United Tiger Shotokan Karate Do (India), WFM International Headquarters (Ireland), Bazza's Gym (England), Barbados Wrestling Association (Barbados), Sanda Barbados League (Barbados), Kanshinkai International (India), Chinese Shaolin Kungfu Organization (India), Marutinsu Ryu (Brazil), SakSitHaawk Pontawee Camp International (USA), India Bushido MMA Federation (India), World Federation of Elite Martial Arts (Ireland), WFM (Jordan), USA Bushido MMA (USA), Bushido MMA (Ireland), World Federation of Elite Martial Arts (Jordan), Elite Champions International Center for Training (Jordan), Sensey Monky King (Argentina), Ulama Aman Commette Sukkur (Pakistan), World Ninjutsu Council (Spain), Shaolin Ba Sheng Chuan Shaolin Christian Temple (USA), VK Martial Arts Karate-Do (India), Sports League Muay Thai (Brazil), International Triveni Shotokan Karate-Do (India), Sports Karate-Do Federation (India), World Sports Karate-Do Federation (India), Asian Sports Karate-Do Federation (India), Sports Karate-Do Association of India (India), South Asian Sports Karate-Do Federation (India), AU Sports Eagles Defensive Self-Protection Characters in Tunisia (Tunisia), The Arab Union for the Sports of the Eagles of Defense & Self-Defense and the Protection of Characters in Turkey (Turkey), Led-Bit Te Martial Arts Sports Academy (India), Stay Together Martial Arts Academy (India), International Academy of Sports Aerobics, Taipo & Massage (Germany), International Federation of Eagles of Defense, Self-Defense & Protection of Persons (Germany), Aerobic & Tabu Massage (Germany), Jinsei Do Karate (Uraguay), Dragon Academy (Argentina), Union Integral Tae Kwon Do (Argentina), Chusin Ryu Ju Jitsu (Slovenia), Lopez Martial Arts Guju Ryu (Argentina), Bodhidarma International Combative Arts Association (India), World Combat Kakap Union (India), International Leg Combat Council (India), Gaon Gathana Samiti (India), Midlands Wing Chun Academy (England), World Chi Long Do Full Contact Federation (UK), Goju Ryu Karate Do Associations (India), International Kyokushinkai Karate Federation (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Muller Fighting Arts (South Africa), A. B Group (Pakistan), Iraqi Martial Arts Association (Iraq), International Kung Fu Council (India), Eagle Tang Soo Do Self Defence Sports Academy (India), International Full Contact Karate Do Federation (India), Lion Tang Soo Do Self Defence Sports Academy (India), Indian Dragon Tang Soo Do Federation (Indian), Bruce Lee Tang Soo Do Self Defence Sports Academy (India), Kyokushin Association (India), Tiger Tang Soo Do Self Defence Sports Academy (India), Sudo Federation (India), Ishin Ryu Ju Jitsu (England), Lions Kickboxing Academy - Kolkata (India), Association of Sports & Mixed Martial Arts - Bengal (India), Zimbabwe Shaolin Wushu School (Zimbabwe), Association of Sports & Mixed Martial Arts (India), The Lions Martial Arts Academy (India), Traditional Muay Thai Martial Arts Association (India), Maharashtra Sports Jeet Kune Do Association (India), Ashoka Martial Arts & Fitness Centre (India), Mushin (Argentina), Hapjitsu (USA), Tandsoodo Power Martial Art Sports Academy (India), Dojo La Cobra (Argentina), Pandian Tang-Soo-Do Karate Academy (India), Indian Silambam Martial Art - Veera Pandian Silambam Academy (India), Indian Tiger Tang-Soo-Do Federation of India - Korean Martial Art (India), International Tang-Soo-Do Federation in India - Korean Martial Art (India), National Institute of Sports Yoga (India), Way of Wisdom (India), All India Martial Art Festival (India), Modernize Tang-Soo-Do Sports Academy (India), Tangsoodo International Korean Martial Arts Academy (India), Jothi Silambam Kshakthiriya Gurukulam (India), Bear Self-Defense Federation (USA), Strong One Fist Martial Art (India), Mersea Island Judo Club (UK), Sistema Integrado Ky-Combat Sistema Defensa Personal (Argentina), Sistema STHK (Argentina), Burraq Shotokan Karate Federation (Pakistan), World Ring Fight Federation (India), Boxeo Marcial Tarija (Bolivia), Polarm International Group (UK), Chaiu Do Kwan Instituto Marcial (Argentina), Dragon Warriors Kickboxing Academy (Scotland),  MF WTF Taekwondo Academy (Scotland), Shuko-Kai International Karate-Do Maharashtra (India), Honour Martial Arts Academy (India), Asian Thai Kick Do Federation (India), Agrement Passeport Sportif W-ORG-TDKF-MA (Cote d'Ivorie), World Karate Black Belt Council (India), Khelgaon Boxing Sports Club Sriganganagar (India), The Power Kung-Fu Academy (India), Wankan Shotokan Calicut Tigers (India), IBF International Bodyguard Force (Cote d'Ivorie), Guyana Martial Arts Masters Association International (Guyana), Shiv Martial Arts Centre (India),  Instituto Marcial (Argentina), Moo Duk Kwan Association (Bangladesh), International Bukido Federation (India), Khelgaon Martial Arts Temple (India), Rajasthan School Games (India), Rajasthan Ash-Te Do Association (India), Rajasthan Thang-Ta Association (India), Kanshin Kai Karate Do Union (India), Institute of Shotokan Karate-Do Foundation (India), Youth Ideal Sports & Martial Arts Academy (India), Satorido Karate Club (England), International Kenbudo Federation (India), Maharashtra State Kendo Association (India), Savate Association of Maharashtra (India), Academia Zarate TKD (Argentina), Kenbudo Federation (India), Chaiu Kwan Centro Academico (Argentina), Dogo Argentino (Argentina), Shorinjiryu Renshinkan Do International (India), Dragon Martial Arts Academy (India), WorldMAC Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivorie), Grassiva Self-Defense Organisation (Ireland), World Organization Royale of Tae-Do-Kung-Fu & Martial Arts (Morocco), World Branche Tae-Do-Contact & Tae-Do-Defense (Morocco), Bosnian Martial Arts & Martial Arts Related to the Founders of BMA (Bosnia & Herzegovina), World United Martial Arts Association (UK), World R'Guiba-Do Aiki-Do-Shinki Federation (Algeria), Lilium Bosniakum (Bosnia & Herzegovina), All Styles Martial Arts School (Kurdistan), National Judo Federation (India), Chin Shotokan Karate Organization (India), World Kepzap-Combative Krav-Maga Confederation (India), World Confederation of Bodyguard Anti-Terrorism Community (India), World Thai Kick Federation (India), Kumdo (Mexico), International Full Contact Karate Association (Honduras), Federacion Iberoamericana De Sistemas De Combate Y Artes Marciales (Spain), International Traditional Chinese Medicina Council (India), Goshin Canarias (Spain), Black Belt Dojo of Martial Arts (India), NAKKO of India (India), YHODHA Combat Martial Arts (India), World Kung Fu Dan Toa Federation (Netherlands Antilles), World Karate Kyokushin Stardo (Holland), Turkey Taekwondo Federation (Turkey), Goshin Kenpo Ka Ju System (Italy), Panther Ju-Jitsu Association (India), Concept Martial Arts Academy Belfast (UK), Tanteo Kung Fu (Iran), National Gatka Association (India), Ghana Kickboxing Association (Ghana), International Krav-Maga Combat Association (India), Bushido Warriors Federation (Honduras), Peho Kun Circle of Knowledge (Australia), Bushido Warriors Federation (Colombia), Komichi Kan Zen Ryu Kenpo (Argentina), Dojo Karate Association (India), The Martial Arts Woman (USA), Jako Chuan Kung Fu Community (Germany), Worldwide Winners Hall of Fame (Canada), Kenpo Jitsu Combat Kokdotokan (Bosnia & Herzegovina), World Organization of Tae-Do-Kung-Fu & Martial Arts (Morocco), Shotokan Karate-Do Association (India), Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation (India), Indian Karate Organization (India), Kungfu Shaolin Usman Shah (Pakistan), Red Dragon (Pakistan), Hapkok Doto Kai Self-Defense System (Bosnia & Herzegovina), International Association Tie Qiao Quan Kung Fu (Honduras), Ms. M. Ahmadi Free Vocational Schools (Iran), Rochester Hills Martial Arts Academy (USA), Federation Congolaise De Shinkyokushinkai Et Disciplines Associees (Congo), International Federation Tanteo Amateur (Iran), Sniper Martial Arts Academy Belfast (UK), Kickboxing Federation of Asia (India), International Kickboxing Confederation (india), Asian Kickboxing Confederation (India), International Federation of Street Fighters (Iran), Jeet Kune Do Federation (India), World Kickboxing Confederation (India), Budokan Karate-Do Training School (India), Kung Fu Tanteo (Iran), Security-Tactics Academia Anti-Terrorism Group (India), Medicina-Alternativa Oriental Council (India), Bonecrackers (India), Sun Tzu Samurai Budo Academy All Style (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Dojo Honbu Samurai Bushido Combat Tameshiwaei (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Masa Foundation (India), International Association of Combat Action Security-Tactics (India), Shotokan Karate Do International Organization (India), Isami Ryu Martial Arts Association (UK), Trapkido-Silat Martial Arts (Morocco), World Olympic Council (India), International Olympic Council (India), Indian Olympic Council (India), World Yoga Council (India), National Yoga Council (India), International Bushido-Kan Institute (Indonesia), Nicaragua Bushido Warriors Federation (Nicaragua), Royal Fighters Club (India), Kyokushin Karate International Association (India), Guyana International Kyokushinkai Martial Arts Academy (Guyana), International Association of Close Quarter Combat (India), Confederation Americ Latin Kyokushinkai (Brazil), Escola Brasileira De Hapkido Marcial (Brazil), International Medicina-Alternativa Oriental-Medical Association (India), Intuitive Knife Fighting (Spain), Arnis Magkakahalo Doce Manos Eskrima (Spain), Junior Guardian Angels Martial Arts Programme (USA), International Tang Soo Do Federation of India-Mata (India), All India Tang Soo Do Sports Association (India), Independent Bosnian Martial Arts (Bosnia & Herzegovina), SCA Fighting Sports (Algeria), Defang XMA Martial Arts Brotherhood (USA), Bodhidharma International Dragon Kenpo-Kungfu Association (India), Bushido Warrior Federation (Canada), Bushido Warrior World Federation (Canada), Bando Shin-Ryu (USA), Bushido Warrior Federation (USA), World R'Guiba-Do Kung-Fu-Doshinki Federation (Algeria), World R'Guiba-Do MMA-Doshinki Federation (Algeria), Mauritius Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (Mauritius), Bodhidharma International Martial Arts Association (India), World Hit Boxing Organization (Iran), Pandurog Buto (India), Stephan Morris Martial Arts (USA), Bushido Warriors Federation (Honduras), Hard Target Self-Defence Academy (Ireland), Baxafra Armor International Arnis Federation (Philippines), Muay Thai Association (Brazil), World Academy Saugekuen (Italy), Urban Martial Arts (Spain), WorldMAC Wales (Wales), Shito Ryu Shukokai Karate Association (India), Kickboxing Way (India), International Kiaido Council (India), Chinese Martial Arts Federation (India), Iran Kyodokyokushin (Iran), World Reiki Foundation (India), World United Karate-Do Federation (India), International Abhay Karan Martial Art Association (India), World Kyokushin Karate Organisation (India), International Karate Organisation (India), International Kyokushin Organisation (India), World Yoga Foundation (India), International Martial Arts Council (Iran), Deportivo Shaolin (Spain), MMA (Tunisia), Abbate's Martial Arts Worldwide Organizations (Italy), Pakistan Martial Arts Connection Federation International (Pakistan), World Kyokushin Kai Karate Federation (India), National Thai Kick Association (India), Skull Society Eskrima (Brazil), Espana Karate Jitsu (Spain), Dragons Martial Arts (England), Bombay Judo Club (India), University of Sunderland Kickboxing & Self-Defence (UK), Taishoo Do Federation (India), Karate Jitsu Kobujitsu (Uraguay), International Jiyutaido Federation (Azerbaijan), Institute Bushido-Kan (Indonesia), Dojo Sakura Akira (Holland), International 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B. 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Muaythai (Brazil), Thunder Kick of Ex-Seven Karate Association (Philippines), Federacao De Karate-Do Da Bahia (Brazil), Confederacao Brasileira De Thai Boxing (Brazil), Freestyle Martial Arts-Angeles City (Philippines), Byagrah Kan Karate/Indian Karate Association (India), Krav Maga Friendship Family International (England), Liverpool Krav Maga (England), Indian Freestyle Academy of Oriental Martial Arts (India), Indian Ju-Jitsu Academy of Oriental Martial Arts (India), Indian Karate Academy of Oriental Martial Arts (India), Indian Kickboxing Academy of Oriental Martial Arts (India), Indian Judo Academy of Oriental Martial Arts (India), Jujitsu Freestyle Federation (India), World Martial Arts Karate Organization (India), World Martial Arts Kickboxing Organization (India),  World Kickboxing & Karate Association (India), Bengal Kungfu Association (India), Kungfu Association (India), Real Combat Self-Defense (Montenegro), National Kungfu Federation (India), Dragon Warriors Shaolin Kung Fu (Scotland), West Bengal Karate  Foundation (India), Ultimate Karate Combat (Slovenia), AC Nikiforos Pegasos (Greece), Taekwondo Sports Federation (India), International Jeet Kune Do Kim Federation (Uzbekistan), National Karate & Kickboxing Council (India), Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh Ji Gatka Akhara (England), United Budo Associated (England), Jeet Kune Do Evolution (USA), Sports Karate Do Association (India), WMA World Academy Kung-Fu Section (Italy), All India Kick Boxing Council (India), Black Tiger School for Self-Defense (Iraq), Toyakwai Karate Association (UK), World Hapkido Martial Arts Organization (Iran), Dragon Sports Klub (Turkey), FMS Wing Chun Kuen (Pakistan), All Styles Martial Arts Associaton (UK), Instituto Berumen Taekwondo (Mexico), WMAC Algeria (Algeria), WorldMAC America (Chile), American Martial Arts Council (Chile), Bushido Martial Arts Walsall (England), Modern Martial Arts-Gendai Bu Jutsu Dojo (England), Simon Morrell's Fight Fortress (Wales) Golden Dragon Martial 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Federation (India), Shaolin Taichi Academy (India), International Silambam An Kuthuvarisai Federation (India), JMS Trust (India), National University of Martial Arts (India), Karate Foundation (India), NEWTS Martial Arts (England), Association Marocaine De Chosen Et Arts De Defences (Morocco), Master Parker's Serial Kickers (England), Instant Defense (Holland), Jissen Do Karate (Italy), Universal Martial Arts Federation (India), Indian Traditional Karate-Do Federation (India), World Traditional Karate-Do Federation (India), Gurukul (India), Martialyogarts Workouts (India), Amateur Sports Kickboxing Federation (India), United Nation Institute for Training & Research (India), Shaolin Monks Kungfu International (India), Sunshine Physical Therapy (USA), Bunderberg Taekwon-Do (Australia), Global Combat Mixrd Martial Arts Fitness Union (India), Yoshin Ryu (UK), British Kempo Jitsu Association (UK), Pencak Silat Association (India), Washimekai Karate International - Reiyukan Dojo (Philippines), Independent Combat Alliance (England), Escrima Concepts (UK), The English Independent Karate Organisation (England), Masters Muay Thai Academy (India), Kuan BU-IK Wushu Koon International (India), Indian Kick-Punch Karate Federation (India), Indian Institute of Martial Arts (India), Thaiboxing Association (India), International Academy of Sport Eagles Combat (Greenland), World Thang Ta Federation (India), Thai Boxing Andhra Pradesh (India), Monster Ju-Jitsu (Scotland), World Niyuddha Federation (India), MPSK (United Kingdom), Indian Knight Martial Art Federation (India), Aem Hai Martial Arts (England), Shaolin Kung-Fu Martial Arts International (India), Hapkido Boxing Asian Organization (India), Golden Taekwondo Club (Nigeria), Kyokushin International Karate-Do Organization Shinbudo Kaikan (Canada), West Bengal Mixed Martial Arts Association (India), Lynx Shorin Ryu Karate Association (Philippines), JKS Shotokan-Ryu Karatedo Association (India), Washimekai Vulcan Martial Arts Club (Philippines), Washimekai Karatedo International Shinjinkan Dojo Indonesian Martial Arts (Philippines), Washimekai Karatedo International Shinjinkan Dojo Freestyle (Philippines), Shirudo Self-Defence Martial Arts (Australia), Muntinlupa City Karate Martial Arts & Sports Federation (Philippines), Washimekai Karatedo International-Black Hawk Dojo Naga City (Philippines), Washimekai Karate International-Philippine Cobra Dojo (Philippines), Fecakuwuda (Cameroon), Shorin Ryu Karate-Muntinlupa City (Philippines), Tangsoodo Council of Asia (India), Bicol Karate Federation (Philippines), Washimekai Sayen Karate-Kobudo Dojo (Philippines), Shotokan Karate Council International Headquarters (Pakistan), World Shotokan Federation  (Pakistan), Philippine Union of Karate & Kobudo Organization (Philippines), Shorin Ryu Kyudokan Karate-Do Washimekai International (Philippines), Okinawa Shorin Ryu Kyudokan Higa-Te (Philippines), Oikado Martial Arts School (Botswana), Yamato Damashii (England), Iraq Kyokushinkai Self-Defense Federation (Iraq), Brazilian Kyokushinkai & Self-Defense Federation (Brazil), European Kyokushinkai & Self-Defense Federation (Sweden), Masroor Academy of Korean Martial Arts (Pakistan), Lebanese Kyokushinkai Federation (Lebanon), Asian Kyokushinkai & Self-Defense Federation (Iraq), World Kyokushinkai & Self-Defense Federation (USA), Shindokai-Kan (Pakistan), Mushikai Martial Art Academy (Ghana), Krav Maga-Israeli Combat System (Germany), International SPOQCS Federation (Iran), Kimikai Shotokan Borquaye (Ghana), National Martial Arts Games Committee (India), World Martial Arts Council (Nepal), FIBA & AFAB (UAE), Vedavyasa Martial Arts Association (India), WorldMAC Nigeria (Nigeria), Bangladesh Dragon Karate Association (Bangladesh), World Kick Moo Do Federation (India), Royal Martial Arts Academy (Ghana), Royal Budo Kai (Ghana), Hapkido Federation (India), The Ultimate Fist Martial Arts Association (India), Somasfit World Taekwondo Academy (India), 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(Nicaragua), Alliance Bulgarian Commandos (Bulgaria), Sport Club Golden Star (Bulgaria), Institute of Sport Research & Training (India), Georgian Competitive Aikido Association (Georgia), Kurd Shaolin Kung Fu (Iraq), Association de Kung-Fu (Brazil), Wushu Norway (Norway), Renbukan Karate Do Association (India), International Nanbudo Federation (India), Indian Kobudo Federation (India), International Vajramushthi Federation (India), Washin Kan Karate Do International (Australia), Hong Kong Martial Arts Education Association (Hong Kong), World Ju-Jitsu Federation (England), International Wado Federation (India), Muay Thai Champion Arena (Iran), Zara Phythian's PBA FitneZ Factory (England), Asociazione Sportiva First Star (Italy), Fighting Fit International (Ireland), National Krav Maga Association (USA), Combat Dance (England & Scotland), Karateschule Weitmenn Neuffen (Germany), Contact Karate Foundation (England), Brazilian Krav Maga (Brazil), Wha Do Kwan (Brazil), Black Dragon Kinjiteryu (England), Take One Jetsu Martial Arts World Federation (Jordan), Budo Klub Sao Lin-Danilovgrad (Montenegro), International Fellowship of Martial Artists (India), Seidoyang Artes Marciales (Mexico), National Krav Maga Association (USA), PKRC Pakistan Research Karate Council (Pakistan), Russian Martial Art GB (Systema) (UK), Institute of Sports Research & Training (India), Japan Goju Ryu Kensyukann Federation (Pakistan), Egyptian Kickboxing Association (Egypt), World All Styles Ki Shin Do Kai Federation (Turkey), Berankrs (Montenegro), Dragon Kungfu Federation (India), Colne Valley Black Belt Academy (England), Success Karate Institute (Pakistan), Organization Hatakedo-Hapkido-Ciam (Venezuela), Wu Lung Hu Tao (Brazil), Continental Budokan Martial Arts Academy (India), Knight Martial Art Academy (India), World Shotokan Nashik (India), Challenging Taekwondo Club (Oman), LDG Ju-jitsu (England), Anil Martial Arts Academy (India), The Korean Hwarang Martial Arts Federation (USA), WECA (Italy), Hapkido Wien-vf.w.s. (Austria), Tae Kwon Do Schools of Excellence (England), Hub-Jitsu Arte Marcial Peruano (Peru), Kaksmac (Pakistan), Chiryoku Kempo Ju-jitsu Renmi (England), Wing Tchun Chelmsford (England), Wing Tchun Woodford (England), German Muay Thai Federation (Germany), Australian Wing Tsun Network (Australia), Mark Guest School of Tae Kwon Do (England), World Kyngchar Moosul Federation (Mexico), World Kostrov's Universal Fisticuffs Organization (Ukraine), Sialkot Traders (Pakistan), Chinamiek (Holland), United Shotokan Karate Association (India),  Senshi Martial Arts (England), WKRC Martial Arts Link Magazine (Pakistan), Magomeni Wushu Club (Tanzania), Aka Ryu Dacayana (England), York Lau Gar (England), Aka Ryu Ju-Jitsu Renmei (England), International Matsogi-Do Council (India), Wo Gong Xue Yuan (Germany), Associacao Giatti (Brazil), Kung Fu Long Huo Fangshini (Brazil), Lembaga Karate Nasional Institute of National Karate (Indonesia), Wing Tsun (Germany), International Pencak Silat Organization Pencak Silat Kedigdayaan (Indonesia), Asociacion Mexicana De Karate Shotokan (Mexico), Spirit FSK (Wales), International Veer-Kwon-Do Martial Arts Academy (India), Bucks Wing Chun (England), The Way of Fighting (Tanzania), Uechi Ryu Kenyukai (India), Dragons Martial Arts (Wales), Braveheart International Judo Display Team (Scotland), Matsogi-Do Federation (India), Tomo International Federation of Mixed Martial Arts (India), Jing Wu Men Athletic Assosiation (Ukraine), Shotokan Karate-do Organisation (India), Daishin Karate-do Club (Ukraine), World Kiaido Federation (India), Tang Soo Do Federation (India), Goju Bushido Kai Karate-do (India), Federation Okinawa Karate Shorinryu Shorinkan (Sri Lanka), Kaizen Academy for Martial Arts & Self Defence (Germany), York Freestyle (England), Red Scorpion Sports Association (Algeria), Muay Thai Champion Arena (Iran), Taekwondo Friends of the World (USA), Wing Tsun (Austria), Wing Tchun Do Association (Italy), Sandokan Martial Arts (USA), WKRC World Karate Research Council (Pakistan), PKL Progressive Karate Do League International (Pakistan), World Kickboxing Federation (UK & Eire), PSKA Headquarters (Pakistan), National Shotokan Karate Association (India), National Shotokan Karate Association of India (Iran), Shugyou Karate Do (England), Long Huo Fangshini (Brazil), Philippine Karatedo League (Philippines), White Lightning Karate (Ireland), World Muay Boran Federation (Thailand), World Muay Thai Federation (Thailand), Siam Muay Thai Boxing Camp (England), England Muay Thai Federation (England), International Sifu Organization (Iran), Martial Way Training (UK), Black Panther Commando Training Academy (India), Bodhi Dharmas Warrior Combat Academy (India), Bucks Wing Chun (England), Koku-Ryu Martial Arts (England), Amateur Ashitedo Akhada Association (India), Traditional School of Martial Arts (India), Academia WF De Artes Marciais (Brazil), Escola Internacional De Defesa Pessoal E Artes Marciais (Brazil), Ninja Sports Federation (India), Spartans Academy of Krav Maga (UK), MSC Academy (UK), The Kyongchar Moosul Federation (Mexico), The British Karate & Kickboxing Association (UK), JKS York Karate Club (England), York Kendo Club (England), Do Shin Ken Yu Kai Kendo (UK), York RI Judo Club (England), All India Kobudo Federation (India), York Martial Arts Academy (UK), Shodokan Aikido UK (England), Bulgarian Wing Tsun Alliance (Bulgaria), Ryujunkai Shito-Ryu Karate-Do International (India), International Martial Arts Welfare Organisation (Indonesia), Academy of Martial Science (India), Shodokan Akido (UK), Tai-Shi-Kai Shito-Ryu Karate (India), FIT (India), Bumon (India), TMAA Shotokan (India), World Kickboxing League (Egypt), Jian Long Kung Fu (Brazil), Rick Dubidats Black Belt Academy (UK), American Ju-Jitsu (Germany), Sawah Qigong (Germany), Wing Tsun Universe (Austria),  Shaolin Kung Fu (India), Norwegian Karate Kyokushinkai (Norway), Oriental Sports Association (England), Cho-Wa Ju Jitsu Association (England), World Kickboxing Federation (Austrailia), Escuela Wu De Artes Marciales (Colombia), Martial Arts Academy (Sri Lanka), and Bob Yoder's Kung Fu Academy (USA), these add many more individuals and are excellent additions to our international martial arts family. 



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