WorldMAC Projects

Following the phenomenal success of the World Martial Arts Council to date, and in order to ensure credability on an international scale,  it has been necessary to introduce some compulsory requirements for registered groups and their members to ensure all instructors and the grades they award are globaly recognized.  The World Martial Arts Council has now introduced programmes relating to administration, education, accreditation, competitions at all levels, responsibilities, and financial stability, in order to support registered groups and their members when required. These new implementations provide many opportunities, eliminate problems created by other organizations, and assist in attaining the highest level of credibility in all martial arts communities across the world.

Administration & WorldMAC Foundation

Free group and individual registrations increased dramatically following the huge success of the first WorldMAC Games held in Bangkok during March 2015, and in a single day a group with over 700,000 members registered along with another with over 1,000,000 members.  This means larger premises, additional staff, and cash reserves are needed to provide the same standard of service, and for the WorldMAC Foundation to be in a finacial position to support, and subsidise registered individuals and groups.  To achieve the above the World Martial Arts Council has introduced compulsory requirements for all registered groups and their instructors, and in addition outlined the responsibilities of representatives that will ensure the expansion of activities in all countries of the world without the necessity of introducing registration or annual membership fees.

All Registered Groups

There are now three requirements for all registered groups.

1.  Existing and new groups must ensure all instructors are registered free as individuals.

2. All instructors must join the International Guild of Masters and pay the stipulated single fee to be accredited and receive the correct certification (See IGM section below).

3. All groups must complete the spreadsheet sent with the group certificate containing the name, sex, date of birth, present grade, date awarded, city and country of each individual member for the international database, and ensure the single fee for each individual member is paid.  Groups already registered will be sent a spreadsheet to complete or this may be downloaded below.  It is the responsibility of each group to ensure all present members are included, that the World Martial Arts Council is informed of any new members and all future grades awarded so records can be periodically updated.   It is not necessary to inform the World Martial Arts Council of members that leave the group, as their details will remain on the database indefinitely so all achievements are permanently recorded for any future confirmation of accreditation.  It is not compulsory for students below master level to register  free as individuals, their addresses, and contact details are not required for the database.  It is the responsibility of every group to ensure the achievements of their members are recorded and protected indefinitely.  This prevents students and instructors that leave their original groups from awarding themselves titles and grades if they establish their own systems.  It is not uncommon for people of a low grade, or no grade at all, to suddenly appear as Grand Masters of an invented system that has no history or credibility, which is one of the reasons for the major decline in martial arts standards.  Although individual registration will always be free, creating a group database and constantly updating it involves much work, so an affordable single fee for each individual is necessary, which must be collected by registered groups from their members and paid direct to the World Martial Arts Council.  Use the spreadsheet below to establish a group database to record and protect all martial arts grades, titles, and achievements of your members indefinitely.  Click the corresponding globe for the required form.        

 Download Inividual Database Form

Accreditation & Approved Instructors  

  A vast number of people now teaching the martial arts are unregulated, have no record of previous training, are not qualified to teach, have formed their own associations, awarded themselves titles, and in most cases the highest grades possible or even beyond.  These practices have resulted in a decline in teaching standards, inadequate knowledge, inappropriate grade certification, and a great loss of credibility.  Due to fictitious claims time-and related criteria, strict accreditation procedures have been introduced to eradicate fraudulent practices.  The World Martial Arts Council has established an international register of approved instructors and examiners, and the accredited grades they are permitted to award through the International Guild of Masters.  Every registered group should now ensure all their instructors are registered free of charge with the World Martial Arts Council.  

   International Guild of Masters

All instructors must be accredited by the International Guild of Masters at the correct level according to their grade, and pay the required single professional fee.  Instructors holding 1st and 2nd Dan or the equivalent, must register as Associates of the International Guild of Masters and display the initials AIGM after their names.  Instructors holding 3rd and 4th Dan or the equivalent, must register as Members of the International Guild of Masters and display the initials MIGM after their names.  Instructors holding 5th Dan and above or the equivalent, must register as Fellows of the International Guild of Masters and display the initials FIGM after their names.  All registered and approved instructors within the International Guild of Masters may award any grade up to two grades below their own, and these will be internationally recognized.  In addition, it is now a requirement that all members of the WMAC Technical Board are registered in a professional capacity with the International Guild of Masters.  Many people claiming to be martial artists are only concerned with collecting certificates but the majority of these have no value or accreditation.  The certificates issued by the International Guild of Masters are only issued after recipients and their grades have been thoroughly scrutinized, approved by the International Martial Arts Grade Accreditation Board, and are the only certificates any instructor will ever need.  Use the form below to apply for elite IGM membership and accredited instructor status within this professional section of the World Martial Arts Council.

IGM Application Form & Fees

National Formation of WorldMAC Governing Bodies

In order to gain and retain credibility on an international scale it is necessary that every country has its own WorldMAC Governing Body that is not controlled by or benefits any individual, and which must fulfil the following conditions:


1. The name of each Governing Body must be WorldMAC followed by the name of the respective country.


2. Any registered individual may establish a WorldMAC Governing Body and register this as a group with the World Martial Arts Council in order to obtain a certificate and unique registration number. 


3. Only one WorldMAC Governing Body is permitted in any one country.


4. Each WorldMAC Governing Body must have a management committee comprised only of a Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, General Secretary, and Treasurer that are all resident in the same area, and individually registered with the World Martial Arts Council even if they are not martial artists.  A bank account must be opened in the name of the WorldMAC Governing Body, and all transactions must require the signatures of the Treasurer and one other non-related member of the management committee. 


5. In addition regional, national and international representatives, and one person for each active martial art, regardless of their location within the respective country, may be elected on to a sub-committee of the WorldMAC Governing Body to ensure all martial arts are equally represented.


6. All WorldMAC Governing Bodies must be registered as multi-discipline martial arts sport organizations with their respective National Sports Authority, and a copy of any certificate or written confirmation must be sent to the World Martial Arts Council. 


7. Any costs involved with such registration are the responsibility of the respective WorldMAC Governing Body.


8. The WorldMAC Governing Body must divide their respective countries into a number regions.  These can be North, Central, South, East or West.


9. A stadium in each of the regions must be chosen as a venue for one sanctioned regional tournament each year, and also an alternative larger central venue for a sanctioned annual qualifying championship for selection to represent the respective National Team at the WorldMAC Games.


10. The WorldMAC Governing Body shall be responsible for organizing regional and national events, courses and seminars, and will receive 75% of all profits.  The remaining 25% will be paid to the WorldMAC Foundation to support approved causes, and copies of accounts for every event without exception must be sent to the WMAC Executive Board.  


*To establish a WorldMAC Governing Entity complete a Free Group Registration form.

 National FormationNExternal Grade Recognition

  Those that have been involved with the martial arts for any length of time have usually come across people making false claims regarding their grades and martial arts history in order to take advantage of the general public.  Most rely on the ignorance of the average person to establish fraudulent businesses, and make use of the mystery surrounding the arts to overwhelm prospective students.  New students pay for lessons sometimes on a contract that is not easy to cancel without financial penalties, and then realize they are not getting what they are paying for.  They then leave, are usually disillusioned with very little good to say about the martial arts in general, and are faced with a sizeable dilemma.  With so many people claiming to be ‘Masters’ it is difficult to know if instructors are genuine.  The alternative is to pay again to be re-graded by another instructor, the fees of which are usually expensive, and even then such grades are only recognized within the organization that awards them.  To address these problems the World Martial Arts Council established an independent international accreditation system to monitor and record the grades of every individual, the dates these were awarded, and by whom.  This is a massive amount of administrative work as all information is recorded, constantly updated, stored on external systems, and can be retrieved at any time when needed for verification or other purposes. 

    External Grade Recognition Application Form & Fees

    Use this form to apply for external grade recognition after registering as an individual with the World Martial Arts Council.  In order to receive a certificate the individual registration number must be shown on the application form, and the appropriate fee must be paid on application.   

     Competition & Tournament Sanctions

Many competitions and tournaments are claimed to be ‘World Championships’ even when other countries do not attend, entry fees are prohibitive for most competitors, some organizers are not even martial artists, and the main concerns predominantly relate to money and profits.  The World Martial Arts Council will only sanction and support the annual WorldMAC Games, and any other tournaments claiming to be at this level will not be supported or sanctioned under any circumstances.  Other titles that designate a large geographical area such as International, European, Asian, National, Regional, or any other name, must first be approved in writing, and the appropriate non-returnable sanction fee must be paid in advance.

In all countries there will only be one annual WorldMAC Regional event for each of the regions, and these will be qualifying events for the annual WorldMAC National Championships in the same country.  In all countries there will only be one annual National Championships and these will be qualifying events for the annual WorldMAC Games wherever they are staged.  Following the staging of the annual regional and national events in any one country 25% of all profits will be paid to the WorldMAC Foundation to build a cash reserve that will enable the financial support of individual and group causes, when approved.  When registered organizations stage their own competitions and apply to have these sanctioned by the World Martial Arts Council, the above 25% of profits to the WorldMAC Foundation will apply, and once approved these events will be qualifying events for the annual WorldMAC Games.  

 Tournament Sanction Application Form & Fees

Use this form to apply to have a tournament fully sanctioned by the World Martial Arts Council as a qualifying event for the WorldMAC Games.

WorldMAC Licensed Centres of Excellence


The World Martial Arts Council is expanding its global operations through the introduction of WMAC Licensed Centres of Excellence in all countries throughout the world.  These provide approved internationally recognized instructors with an opportunity to establish their own unique martial arts businesses, and are the only authorized establishments permitted to conduct business on behalf of, and in conjunction with, the WorldMAC organization.  These centres are responsible for maintaining the standards of martial arts practice, and the only authorities permitted to provide WMAC International Licences; approve all certification; organize training, refereeing, and educational courses; arrange regional and national competitions in conjunction with the various representatives; nominate members for national teams; design, instigate, and monitor their training schedules; arrange tournament entries, transport, and accommodation when necessary, and to organize cultural exchange visits with registered members, groups, and associations in other countries.  They are also permitted to sell WMAC merchandise and any other of good quality from their own suppliers.  In addition, Centres of Excellence have the authority to interview all members wishing to apply for educational courses, are required to collect all necessary details of each applicant, together with proof of any qualifications necessary for course enrolment or grade certification, to make a charge for these services, and to recommend applicants for approval and selection.

The WMAC Centres of Excellence receive commissions on licence fees, grade ratifications, accreditations, seminars, and refereeing, leadership, academic or other educational courses.  They are permitted to set their own prices for all events organized and staged through them providing these have been endorsed by the WMAC Executive Board, and the standard sanction fee for these has been paid in full.  These are the approved centres of the WorldMAC movement in all countries, they have full authorization to operate independently, and to use official logos on business stationery.  Only one Centre of Excellence is permitted in every city or major town throughout the world to eliminate competition, and are allocated on a 'first come - first served' basis.

 Centre of Excellence Licence Aplication Form & Fees

WMAC Representatives Selection Process

The World Martial Arts Council is now inviting applications from registered individuals wishing to become WMAC Representatives.  Whilst many enquiries have been received in recent months, because it has been necessary to establish duties and responsibilities, we are still in the process of selecting some people for these positions.  Please be aware of the following:

These positions are voluntary and unpaid.

There will only be one International Commissioner for each geographical area containing a number of countries.

There will be only one International Representative and one National Representative in each country.

International Commissioners will be over all International Representatives of countries within their jurisdiction, International Representatives will be over all National Representatives in their countries, and National Representatives will be over all Regional Representatives in their  countries.

National Representatives must supply a list of all named regions, counties, states or provinces in their countries, and nominate one responsible person for each of these.

The first duty of all representatives is to register individuals and martial arts groups in their own countries and areas, beginning with their own. 

All martial arts groups, regardless of style or discipline, must be treated with respect and given equal opportunities.

It is the duty of all representatives to work together in their country to organize events, seminars, competitions, and promote academic educational programmes.

All representatives must work towards establishing national teams for the martial arts active within their countries.

All activities organized in each country must be self-financing.

To be considered for positions as WMAC Representatives please e-mail the following, even if you have already provided one or more of these:

                1.      Name.

2.      WMAC individual registration number.

3.      Present grade or title.

4.      Relevant experience regarding the above duties and responsibilities.

5.      One recent passport photograph with a white background.

Whilst these positions are unpaid, and those selected are not employees of the World Martial Arts Council, all representatives will be allowed to claim expenses for anything they organize in line with the economic situation of their countries.  In addition, all representatives will receive substantial discounts on WMAC merchandise, academic programmes and events, in order to benefit from the promotion of these.

All applicants must ensure they can fully comply with the above, as the World Martial Arts Council will immediately remove anyone acting to the detriment of its international status, or discovered to be abusing these positions of trust, financially or otherwise.

*Please e-mail the above five requirements to

Invest In The Future

The World Martial Arts Council will continue to offer opportunities that will benefit registered individuals and groups

However, it must be understood any business requires investment of both time and money, and only those that can demonstrate total commitment and prepared to be a member of our international team should consider becoming involved, as this is definitely not for muppets. 

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