WorldMAC Registration

Unlike other international organizations, both old and new, registration with the World Martial Arts Council is for life  for all individuals and groups.  There are no requirements to renew each year.  The World Martial Arts Council exists as a totally lifetime organization for all martial arts 

Copyright Disclaimer

Whilst the World Martial Arts Council will endeavour to include on this website photographs and images sent by registered members, it should be understood  those sending such material must ensure there is no infringement of copyright laws.  The World Martial Arts Council does not have the capability to upload such material, which is sent to website designers that have the necessary software for this procedure.  If it transpires any image on this website is copyright protected or has been used for financial gain without the written consent of the owner, it will be removed.   

WorldMAC Registration

The benefits of registration for groups and individuals include sponsorship to national and international events for those selected as national team members, discounts on events, competitions, merchandise, travel, accommodation, family holidays, accredited educational and training seminars, courses, promotions including television coverage, our media production service, access to relevant sections of the WorldMAC website, overseas youth and cultural exchanges, and financial rewards for officiating at competitions.  The WorldMAC Alliance has a rigid programme of all-styles competitions at regional, national, and international levels involving all martial arts, and the proceeds from these support the WorldMAC Foundation, which is the charitable arm of the World Martial Arts Council, but not a registered charity.  The Worldmac Academy was established to provide distance learning programmes specific to the martial arts, leading to recognized British academic qualifications.  WorldMAC Leisure provides holidays, training courses, seminars, educational, and leisure pursuits at residential centres for all age groups at destinations worldwide.  In addition, advice on training and grading procedures, coaching awards, insurance and legal matters, club management, personal and business finance, first aid, competition organizing, and technical courses is freely available.

There are two types of registration within the WorldMAC Alliance:

1)  Firstly, there is  Group Registration for all martial arts groups regardless of location, discipline, style, size, or membership numbers.  This is also available to all established international federations, national organizations and governing bodies for the various martial arts, and non-martial art groups involved with alternative medicine, healing, health and fitness, yoga, meditation, culture, or any other activity connected with martial arts.  A unique group number and certificate is sent by e-mail to all registered groups.  

2)  Secondly, there is  Individual Registration for all martial artists regardless of present affiliations, grade or age.  A unique individual number only is sent by e-mail to all registered individuals.  The WMAC does not issue registration certificates to individuals, but international licences are available.

*To register click the relevant link below

 Group Registration Form
Individual Registration Form

    ​   International Licence Application Form

*Please e-mail if you experience any problems with registration 

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