WMAC Executive Board

Whilst this section is the smallest of the World Martial Arts Council, it is the most powerful.  Full responsibility for the World Martial Arts Council rests with the WMAC Executive Board that manages its entire affairs and is responsible for the observance of the constitution, administration, internal organisation, management of all finances, and the performance of any other duties necessary to achieve the objectives.

Allan Foster
Anne Armstrong
President FIGM
M. Good FIGM 
Peter Cooney
Brian Jacks
Mike O'Brien
Vice President FIGM
 Secretary General FIGM
Commercial Executive FIGM
Treasurer FIGM
Mick Leigh
General Counsel FIGM

WMAC Ambassadors

  Kash Gill
Zara Phythian 
 Timothy Tackett
Anne Quinlan 
Ronnie Green 
  Mark Strange
  Takayuki Kubota
  Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace

World Martial Arts Commissioners

S. S. Harichandan FIGM
E. Nazifi FIGM 
M. O'Brien FIGM 
B. A. Jacks FIGM
Kempo & MMA
Ring Sports 

   **8******AaaAAWorldMAC National Management Agencies


A. Armstrong FIGM
N. Dill 
P. Armstrong 
J. Carey
Deputy Chairperson 
General Secretary 

WorldMAC Brazil

J. C. Oliveira
S. C. de Almeida 
L. A. Reis 
J. Queiroz
Deputy Chairperson 
General Secretary 

WorldMAC Azerbaijan

T. Gulamzada
T. Gulamzada 
A. Mammadov 
 T. Bashirov
Deputy Chairperson 
General Secretary 

WorldMAC Iran

F. Sohrabi
A. Shahveisi 
 S. Esmaili
Deputy Chairperson 

WorldMAC South Iran

E. Nazifi  FIGM
M. Shahi 
M. Paymard
 P. Momeni
Deputy Chairperson 
General Secretary

WorldMAC Argentina

M. Martinez
 M. L. Soeresen
C. R. Correa 
Prof. F. Mariani 
Deputy Chairperson 
General Secretary 

WorldMAC India

 S. R. Lalwani
Dr. R. Lalwani 
Deputy Chairperson 
General Secretary 

WorldMAC Pakistan

 S. A. Ul Haq Ammar
 M. H. Bhatti
M. A. Shafiq 
A. G. Gujjar 
Deputy Chairperson 
General Secretary 

WorldMAC Nigeria

 H. George
C. Ananaba  
 J. A. C. Ogbueri
 W. Okon
Deputy Chairperson 
General Secretary 

Regional Directors

 India (North)
India (North East) 
India (South) 
India (East) 
Z. A. Butt 
B. Kamil 
 G. R. Zaidi
 India (West)
Pakistan (North) 
Pakistan (Central)
Pakistan (South) 

   **8******AaaAA International Technical Board

 R. Latosa FIGM
 R. Wood FIGM
K. O'Loughlin FIGM
S. S. Vohara FIGM 
Wado Karate 
Taekwondo (WTF) 
P. Cooney FIGM 
S. Lowe FIGM 
 A. J. Neudorfer FIGM  
 B. Bentham FIGM
 Coo-Gar Kyusho
Shotokan Karate 
 Wing Tsun
Shotokan Karate 
 J. Ogden FIGM
 N. Hudson FIGM
D. Sampson FIGM 
 K. V. Ravi FIGM
 Jado Kuin Do
Taekwondo (WTF) 
Shotokan Karate
 D. Willoughby FIGM
 A. P. Nagendra Babu
S. Joshi 
Shukokai Karate
Shotokan Karate 
 B. A. Jacks  Cert. Ed, FIGM
 K. Sirisambhand
E. Nazifi  FIGM 
 Muay Thai
S. S. Harichandan FIGM
 Dr. S. Tahir Ph.D
G. Rajput 
 M. Shahryar BSc. FIGM
Wushu Kung Fu 
Kyokushin Karate 
 A. A. Mohsen
 M. W. Amosco FIGM
 S. Iles
G. K. Kolawole 
 P. Evans
 S. Ahmed
M. Iqbal  
M. Kim 
 Thang Ta
Jeet Kune-Do 
 R. Singh
 R. Kuratomi
 Dr. R. Dey MA, PhD
Y. Kimura
 Ha Shoto-Ryu
K . B. N. Yadav
 J. Singh
Kyokushin Karate

International Representatives

 J. Anasario FIGM
  K. D. Perera BSc (Hons) 
H. Faeza 
 Sri Lanka
 Phuoc Thi Huu Nguyen
 H. Lahrizi FIGM
Shareef . A
C. A. D. Jimenez FIGM
Bahrain & India
 M. D. Ndombol Minlo
 J. A. M. Palominos FIGM
 W. C. Chaves
 Costa Rica
 J. Botelho
 T. Karalis 
  M. M. Khan
 S. Thibault
A. Fawaz
A. Nabipour
A. A. Whayed
J. Kruger
South Africa
 B. Rguiba
J. Danis
Dr. R. B. Bogati
Pietro Abbate
A. Chehade
M. Jones
R. D. Magarin
A. N. O. Kpobi

   **8******AaaAA National Representatives

 Jerome N. Ratsimbazafy
 Alan Mitchell MIGM
Jose Vera Ruiz AIGM
 M. A. Hossain
 L. P. Wicaksono
 W. W. L. Fong MIGM
F. Muhammad FIGM
  Edilson Francisco
Hong Kong

 Y. Ariza FIGM
 A. Ogarkov FIGM
A. Ariap FIGM
A. Eskandari 

 M. K. A. Mouftah
 M. M. Navarroza
D. Molter-Musa AIGM
Z. Jankovic FIGM 
 R. Kussler MIGM
 A. Sliti
T. Sehi 
B. P. Fernando 
Ivory Coast 
Sri Lanka 


 M. Al-Asadi
 U. Halici
C. A. G. Saldivia 
H. A. H. Mohammed 
Y. Hassan 
  W. J. Stephen
 S. Majchrzak
  M. O' Brien
N. Simakuhle  
 L. Hylenaj
South Africa 
 D. Sharma
M. Leigh
W. Hernandez de Leon
Dominican Republic

Area Representatives

 M. R. Hameed
Lahore Pakistan
Punjab India 
New Delhi India 
G. C. Tubay 
 B. Albiola
Haryana India
 Laguna Philippines
 Manila Philippines
 Odisha India
 J. Tavares de Oliveira
 D. A. M. Faria
W. H. Goncalves  
  E. R. M. Alves
 Ceara Brazil
Minas Gerais Brazil 
Sao Paulo Brazil 
 Goias Brazil
 L. A. dos Santos
 A. L. Pires
 A. dos Santos Ramos
S. L. L. de Castro 
 Mato Grosso Brazil
 M. Grosso do Sul Brazil
 Parana Brazil
 Brasilia Brazil
 C. Hardman
P. Edirisinghe 
 L. Del-Gaudio
 Merseyside UK
Colombo Sri Lanka 
 Himachal Pradesh India
Nottinghamshire UK
 L. Ramirez
 R. Tunacao
 C. Leivis De Araujo
 Tripura India
 Bagong Silang Philippines
Cebu Philippines 
 Santa Catarina Brazil
M. Batac-Angeles 
S. Home 
 Metro Manila Philippines
 Mumbai India
 Essex UK
West Bengal India 
L. M. Skinner 
I. Parker 
D. Kean-Cockburn 
A. Alcala-Alorro 
Somerset UK 
Cambridgeshire UK 
Norfolk UK
Sta. Rosa Philippines
T. Badidles-Arias 
S. Hicken FIGM 
W. da Silva Santos
Angeles Philippines 
East Yorkshire UK 
 Punjab Pakistan
Bahia Brazil 
A. M. Arachchi 
S. M. Elsayed 
V. Rosario 
 P. J. Bax
 Colombo Sri Lanka
 Sharjah UAE
 Umbria Italy
 Missouri USA
 W. S. C. Mannise
C. Vanni
 Corrientes Argentina
 Paysandu Uruguay 
Rajasthan India 
 Rio Grande do Sul Brazil

Representatives Duties 

Representatives at every level have specific purposes and duties, one of which is to invite all martial arts groups and individuals in their countries and regions to register free of charge with the World Martial Arts Council, and to promote its activities, seminars, competitions, and other events. All martial arts must be included, and not only those practiced by the representatives, which involves a level of research to learn about other organizations and associations already established.  An email invitation, a personal recommendation, or a telephone call directing people to our website is all that is required.  All representatives must be part of a Regional or National Organizing Committee within their countries where possible to arrange competitions, seminars, and events.

International Commissioners

There shall be only one International Commissioner for each designated geographical area in which a number of countries are located.  These will interact with, and oversee, all International Representatives of the countries within their international boundaries, and must assist in appointing these for all the countries within their jurisdiction. 

International Representatives 

There shall only be one International Representative in every country.  These will interact with, and oversee the National Representative, and represent their country at international level.  The first task of all International Representatives is to establish one suitable National Representative for their country.

National Representatives

There shall be only one National Representative in every country that will interact with, and oversee, all Regional Representatives within their national boundaries.  The first task of all National Representatives is to establish WorldMAC National Organizations and to register these using the Free Group Registration system. The name of these must be shown as WorldMAC followed by the name of the respective country such as ‘WorldMAC Nigeria’ for example. They must then provide a list of the various regions, states, provinces, or counties within their countries, and establish one suitable Regional Representative for each of these.

Each country must be divided into three major areas for competitions and seminars, so there are Northern, Central, and Southern, or Western, Central, and Eastern regions. Only people residing in one of these three regions will be allowed to participate in events in their own areas, and not allowed to participate in events in any other region. This is essential when qualifying for annual National Championships.  National Representatives are also responsible for establishing Regional and National Organizing Committees, along with an appropriate bank account.

Regional Representatives

There shall be only one Regional Representative for each region, state, province, county, or the name of any other geographical division within a country.  These will interact with, and represent, all individual martial artists and groups within their regional boundaries.  The first task of all Regional Representatives is to assist with listing all martial arts groups within their regions, together with their e-mail addresses or other contact details.


All representatives must be individually registered with the WorldMAC Alliance and be in possession of an individual registration number.  Representatives are not required to be physically involved with the martial arts, but must be prepared to contact and interact with all martial arts groups without preference, prejudice, or interference of any kind.  

Important Notes

The World Martial Arts Council does not employ representatives.

All martial arts groups must be treated with respect and given equal opportunities.

All representatives are expected to work together in their respective countries to organize events, seminars, and competitions, all of which must be self-financing.

All representatives must establish national teams for each competitive martial art active within their countries.

To be a representative at every level requires work and effort, which involves being continually active.

Applications to become representatives must be accompanied by the following:

                1.      Name and full postal address.

2.      WMAC individual registration number.

3.      Present grade or title if any.

4.      Relevant experience regarding the above duties and responsibilities.

5.      One recent passport photograph with a white background.

Do ensure all the above can be fully complied with as the World Martial Arts Council will immediately remove anyone acting to the detriment of its international status, or discovered to be abusing these positions of trust, financially or otherwise.

*Please e-mail the above five requirements to wmac@worldmac.org

National Designation & Logo             

Regardless of the individual names of group registrations, all working groups formed by the various representatives must be named as a national body for all martial arts in their country, and must be registered with the World Martial Arts Council as outlined above. This is essential when applying for funding or sponsorship from government or business sources. It is better for these to deal directly with one national body rather than a number of individual groups or associations. The badge for the national registered group must be that of the World Martial Arts Council with the British flag removed and replaced with the flag of the country concerned. Everything else must remain the same except the name of the country must be added, and the typeface must not be changed. Below is the logo of the World Martial Arts Council and that of Nigeria with the British flag replaced by that of Nigeria, and the country name added. All national logos must be in this format and approved.


*The WMAC Logo may only be used to show affiliation or when an event is sanctioned.

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© WorldMAC International Limited.

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